10 Cheap Ways To Bring A Luxury Look To Your Bathroom

Posted October 20, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

A bathroom remodel is always an exciting project, especially if you know what you want. If you’ve waited a long time to get to your bathroom-remodeling project done, you’ll want to add luxury to it now, so you can get everything done at once.

Of course, an experienced bathroom remodeler will be able to answer all your questions and provide you will all your needs, but you’ll want to explore some inexpensive ways to incorporate a luxurious look to your new bathroom without breaking the bank. Here are 10 cheap ways to bring luxury inside your bathroom remodel.


Adding a vanity of some sort to your bathroom always adds a touch of glamour to your bathroom. It dates back to a time and era where the bathroom was not only a place for necessity but also a place for pampering.

The Best Seat

With a beautiful vanity should come a luxurious seat to sit in; an old-fashioned vanity seat adds so much luxury to your bathroom décor. It makes you feel special too when you sit down to put your makeup on or to style your hair.


A great addition to any bathroom is in the accessories. An old-fashioned brush set or a set of perfume bottles is a beautiful way to add accessories and luxury to your bathroom.


Nothing enhances a bathroom more than a fancy mirror. A strategically and creatively placed mirror, other than over the sink, can help to bring more natural light into the room as well as adding a sense of style.


You need hooks in bathrooms; you need them for bathrobes for towels and for you clothing. The fancier the hooks, the more luxurious the bathroom will appear.


Shelving adds a touch of class and the nice thing about shelving is that you can choose any style you want. You can opt for wrought iron, wood, or even metal. Place the perfect knick-knacks and accessories on the shelves and you have a winning style.


Nothing speaks style, elegance, or luxury more than placing an interesting piece of furniture in your bathroom. It could be an old dressing table, vanity, or a bench. It will surely pique some interest.

Fancy Lighting

There’s something special about the right lighting for your bathroom. Not too long ago the purpose of lighting was simply to see, but now it’s a fashion statement.



Nothing speaks elegance quite as sweetly as flowers. Whether your opt for real, fresh cut flowers, wild flowers, or something from the craft store, if don’t right, flowers will brighten up and lighten up your bathroom as it adds a touch of luxury.

Monogrammed towels

While it might seem old school, monogrammed towels are making a big comeback. They add class to your already new, stylish, and luxurious bathroom.

Posted October 20, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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