Posted May 13, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Small bathroom remodels that you can do with little to no money at all!

We’ve already covered what are the hot trends for this year in bathroom remodel, how to save money and what are the renovations that increases your home value. But what about when your budget is close to zero but you still need to upgrade some area of your house? To answer that question, we ask some heavy DIYers what are the projects they recommend to renew your bathroom for free -or with just some little money-.


Get rid of mold and mildew

Old house’s bathroom -even if they are in good condition- most likely have some rust and mold stains, and mildew. They ruin the grout lines, discolors drywall, and create dirty spots that keep on growing forever if they are not eliminated. Solutions based in hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, baking soda or a combination of those are the most effective, natural and non-toxic options to get rid of mold and mildew, and you can made them yourself with things you already have at home. To get rid of iron oxide stains, you need to prepare a poultice with glycerin, sodium citrate and chalk and cover the dirty surface. This method will work on hard surfaces -even porous ones- but might damage marble and granite, so check the paste before in some spot out of the sight.

use natural cleaning products to help your kitchen stay green


Regrouting and recaulking

If the stains can’t be removed or if there is some extra damage, you might want to regrout and recaulk. To upgrade the grout, you need to remove the old one first. That can be done with the traditional grout saw or -if you already have a Dremel tool- with the grout removal attachment that is faster and easier to operate for novices. Then, is time to spread the new grout, clean and polish the surface of the tiles. There are some step-by-step instructions here. Recaulking the shower or bathtub is even easier, because old caulk is almost always already loose and ready to be replaced with new one.

Remove water deposits

If your house is near a coastline, you might have heavy running water that leads to stubborn calcium deposits around and inside water fixtures, sinks and toilets. Those deposits might be invisible at first but then grow and get discolored and look nasty. To get rid of those calcium deposits, soak a rag in a warm solution of 1 third water and 2 thirds white vinegar and apply it to the stain for couple of hours. For better results, leave the rag overnight, and then just scrub with a dishwasher sponge. White vinegar is safe and non-toxic, but might damage marble and other calcium-based stones, so check this in a hidden spot of the surface to clean before doing the whole process.

If it can’t be changed, paint it!

There are special paints for glossy surfaces -like tiles-, and resistant to water -like tubes and sinks-, so you don’t need to feel trapped inside your 80’s disco-themed bathroom any more. This paint job could be a tricky business -those paints don’t behave like traditional ones- and might need some expert hand to achieve a perfect finish. Ask around your acquaintances if someone has already paint the bathroom by themselves to give you tips, or just call a professional if you don’t feel that safe with the possible outcome. In any case, a paint job is an insignificant investment when compared to a re-tiling or toilet/bath tub swap.

Bathrooms deserve some decoration too

Bathrooms are usually hotter and more humid that the rest of the house and that’s something that plants love! Maybe not suitable for interior bathrooms with no windows -plants need to photosynthesis- but some species can thrive with just a little sunlight a day from a small opening. Decor is something you could add to a bathroom but most people neglect. Think as a decorator and style this room with matching carpet, shower curtain, vases and hung some moisture resistant homemade artwork on walls.

Just take in consideration that some issues about defective plumbing, cracked wall or persistent mold may hide some structural damage. In those cases, a professional assessment and some expenditure is due, to keep your home’s value. Anyway, there are plenty of weekend projects that you can face with some time, common stuff you already have at home and a little help, to renovate your bathroom. So go call a friend or spouse and get your tools to do it!

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