5 telling signs that your bathroom needs an remodel

Posted June 14, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

You are so used to your old bathroom that you fail to see that it’s falling to pieces. But guess what, all your guest and visitors can see that and your home ends looking bad and neglected. Let’s number all the signs that tell you to update your bathroom and put yourself to work!

Missing or loose tiles

Even if your bathroom has neutral classical tiles, some missing or loose pieces make it look old and abandoned. Take this opportunity to update your walls to a more contemporary look -with trendy subway tiles or venetian- from floor to ceiling. Play with colors to make zones within the bathroom and use matching towels and shower curtain to complete the new look.



Outdated toilet

If your bathroom is more than 15 years old, you most likely have a very outdated toilet. Even if it works “just fine” the more modern models are smaller, cleaner and more water efficient. There are plenty of designs to match every style, so don’t be afraid to get rid of your classical piece because you will surely find a vintage-look replacement. Take this opportunity to evaluate the use of greywater to flush.

Cimarron Touchless toilet with Brevia toilet seat and Archer Pedestal lavatory


Leaking fixtures and plumbing

Old bathrooms tend to suffer from defective plumbing, leaking fixtures and inside-wall water damage. You keep calling the plumber for minor fixes but inside your heart, you know that you are avoiding the inevitable: a plumbing update. Take the opportunity to switch to water-efficient low flow fixtures and non-toxic pipes. Ask your contractor to check all the home’s plumbing to make sure that no other stress signs are about to show anywhere else -like kitchen or other bathroom-.



Worn out enamel

Bathtubs and sinks can get stained and opaque when their enamel starts to wear out. Cleaning products, hits and acidic liquids make enamel rough and porous and dirt gets in the cracks. Ask your contractor if your pieces can be repaired and resealed, but know that the smart move is just go for a replacement. Take the opportunity to choose a green sink, made from recycled materials and resins that are more durable than traditional ones. And what about a tub to shower conversion to be more water efficient?

Whist lavatory and Alteo lavatory faucets


Bad or insufficient lighting

Some decades ago, there was a nefarious trend of dark bathrooms and you might be suffering one of them. It’s ok to have a dark decorated space but it’s not ok to have poor lighting. If yours is an interior bathroom, just add enough lighting fixtures, with a combination of recessed and hanging fixtures. If your bathroom has one of those typical small windows just for exhaust, consider making it big and let some natural light in. Take the opportunity to increase the amount of power outlets that are usually insufficient for all modern bathroom needs.



Sometimes the bathroom remodel is left out for some other more visible home improvement, but you shouldn't forget that very special intimate space of your home. From small updates to a big remodel, consult with your contractor which things are more urgent and start there.

Does your bathroom shows any of these telling signs? Tell us in the comments and we will be happy to help you make the decision to #Change4Better!

Posted June 14, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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