Posted March 11, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

6 ideas to make your small bathroom look bigger

Bathrooms are functional spaces of the house and, as such, are often forgotten in terms of design. That's specially true for small bathrooms, whose lack of space to grow can make an awful suffocating space. Luckily for you, there's something you can do, like these 6 ideas to make your small bathroom look bigger that you can put in practice right away.

Grow your mirrors

A trick we already see in small bedrooms is more than useful here. Mirrors trick perspective and reflects the light making any space bigger.

In bathrooms where the use of mirrors is natural, make them grow to the ceiling and wall to wall over the sink to increase the reflective area. Apply more mirror panels at will in other walls, like a floor to ceiling in a lateral or a strip over toilets. Avoid mirror frames because they spoil the trick.


Keep everything in one light shade

If you are planning a new bathroom, the obvious choice is plain white to make the space bigger. You can add accents with a small vanity or decor, but trying to keep it minimalist.

If you already have the tiling in stone or other color, try to match the bathroom equipment in the same or a very similar shade.

And don’t forget the ceiling! A beige ceiling will make a travertine bathroom bigger than a traditional white one.

Get rid of the curtains and get a clear shower box

In fact, get rid of everything that obstruct the view -like curtains or screens- to make a more open layout.

Tubs are out of the question for a small bathroom, so surely you have a shower that can be improved with a modern crystal box with the help of your contractor in a minor remodel. If you actually have a bathtub… really? Get rid of it now.

Reduce your furniture keeping the storage space

Too much cabinetry can make the bathroom feel cramped but you can keep your storage space with open shelves under the sink and above toilet. Use the trick of the monotone and paint just the frames in a matching color, avoiding doors, and put the drawer stuff in translucent boxes.

For the shower, build recessed shelves for shampoo and soap. An build a narrow recessed medicine cabinet hidden behind mirror for pills and everyday toiletries.

shower-389273_1280Go big with lighting but in a smart way

Avoid bulky lighting fixtures and favor recessed lightingYou can use a combination of baffle trim for the whole space with adjustable trim focused on vanity mirror for shaving and making up.

Keep your tiles up to the ceiling

There is no much you can save in tiles if you stop 1ft below the ceiling, so don't do that. It's a huge design flaw that make the bathroom feel like a little box. And even worse if it’s framed with an expensive decorative trim, it will be more costly than that extra feet of tiles.

When choosing the tiling, always prefer the big ones that gives the best visual effect without transitions. Yes, forget about the subway tiles you see on huge spa-like bathroom in Pinterest… bummer!

As you can see, from small upgrades to more complicated remodels all these tricks can applied to all small bathrooms, even interior ones without windows. Take your pick, ask your contractor for a quote and get your bigger :wink: bathroom within the given square footage.

Featured Photo Credit: Bonsoni via Flickr

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