5 Materials You Should Never Use In Your Kitchen

Posted December 08, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Remodeling a kitchen has to be the most amazing home improvement project there is, so it's understandable if you get a little too excited with all the alternatives, materials and styles available to you. However, you should keep yourself under control. You don't want to make a costly mistake that ruins the whole experience for you. And mistakes can pop from anywhere if you aren't paying attention. You can go with the wrong style, change your layout for a less functional design or use any of these 5 materials for your remodel (which you should never ever do).

Laminated Cabinet Coverings

Heated vinyl materials that are melded around fiberboard is not what you want for your cabinet fronts. This material is not heat resistant and, if you’re like most home owners, there’s a lot of heat going on in the kitchen. Between the dishwasher and the stove top and oven, that’s not a material you want in your home. It could peel and warp and then you are back at square one – remodeling once again.

Glossy Look for Cabinet Finishes

The multiple layers of gloss that it takes to reface a cabinet with this type of lacquer material is not a good choice for high-use kitchens. The more you open and close and use your cabinets, the more chance there is for dents and scratchesAdditionally, high-gloss cabinetry can be very expensive.

The Wrong Paint

A kitchen, for most traditional situations, is the hub of the home. There’s lots of activity there. You want a paint that will be easy to clean and to maintain. That is why it’s important to go with a high-gloss or semi-gloss paint. You want to make sure to stay away from flat paintYou can’t wash many sauce stains or other marks off of flat paint in your kitchen.

Trendy Materials

When it comes to countertops or backsplashes, even floors, you want to stick with something that’s going to last throughout the years. Classic tiles with minimal coloring and decorative treatment is your best bet for a backsplash. Your countertops should be as neutral as possible, too. Glass backsplashes or even metal ones won’t stand the test of time. Stay away from bright colors and trend-of-the-month materials. Times change and so does your taste and the trends.

Any kind of carpet

Carpet gets stained and wears quickly. The more food you drop, the more it’s going to hide in that carpet. No matter what anyone tells you, carpet is never and should never be a trend for kitchens. Even linoleum shouldn’t be used in your kitchen. Stick with hard wood flooring, as laminate will eventually bubble up from moisture and even turn yellow and dingy.

Consider your options, talk to your contractor, search the Internet. Don't rush your kitchen remodel as there are many mistakes you can make and you obviously want your kitchen to look and feel exactly as in your dreams!

Posted December 08, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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