Posted February 25, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

5 ways to bring light into your living room

A dark living room can be desirable for Netflix & chill but for most of the time a bright space is far better suited. Think about it - for multiple activities and family members is always the best choice. Light brings elegance and comfort, and make your living room more vibrant.

So, what can you do to bring light into your living room? A lot, but essentially these 5 energy efficient tricks with which you'll take advantage of the natural light without adding more watts to your bill.

1 - Go essential

Lucky you wanting more light since white is a strong color trend for this year. That gives you the opportunity to go neat with your decor, adding splashes of color with accessories or even a focal point with one wall in a contrasting shade. Bright flooring and furniture help too, so keep that in mind if you are planning to replace them.

Dark furniture or upholstery absorbs lots of light and make rooms cramped, so try to avoid them if you feel that it is still dark after changing the walls’ and flooring color.


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2 - Uncloak your windows

If you need some privacy in your living room, choose the thinner, most translucent shades or blinds and get rid of all heavy drapes -at least until we return to the Middle Ages. If privacy is not an issue but you want to control the heat and the sunlight you might want to just reglaze your windows with double plane o coated Low-e glass that is more energy efficient than shading them.


3 - Create visual effects

A great way to maximize light -both natural or artificial- is reflecting it with mirrors, metal and glassPut a mirrored wall o some big mirror panels either opposite or diagonal to the light source for maximum luminosity. This is also a very good trick for small spaces.

Other materials like bright metals and glass are great for creating visual effects. You can integrate them with small pieces of furniture like a coffee table or array of accessories like vases, bottles or terrariums.


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4 - Get rid of walls

Is your living room poorly oriented while there is a huge light source behind a wall? Get rid of this obnoxious obstacle blocking your happiness!

You can take advantage of a modern open plan kitchen or combine dining room and living room together to let the light flow where you want it. You can also open a wall to a patio or a deck outside and install trendy French doors that are great in catching the sunlight.


5 - Choose smart lightning

If you still need to add lighting fixtures or lamps, go green and go smart. You can choose from lots of different smart home systems that can dimmer or turn on/off the lights automatically as needed, reducing the energy consumption and extending the lifetime of the bulbs.

And, by replacing old bulbs for the Energy Star certified CFL or LED ones you can save 70% to 90% of your lighting energy consumption because they deliver the same brightness (lumens) with much less watts.

As you can see, there are various ways to make your living room brighter and bigger and you will surely find an option that’s perfect for your home. Have you tried before any of them? Tell us in the comments below !

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