6 Small Tweaks To Make Your Kitchen Feel Remodeled

Posted December 04, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Kitchens remodels are the most desired remodeling projects for homeowners. Not only do they increase resale value, but they also make you feel like a million bucks when you walk into your new kitchen. However, if you don’t want to or don’t have the money to spend, why not consider a few small tweaks to make your kitchen remodel feel and look like that million bucks without actually spending it? Here are 6 tweaks that will make your kitchen feel as though you did a whole new remodel.

Painting  cabinets

When money is tight, refacing or replacing cabinets may not be an option. However, a good coat of paint for those kitchen cabinets can make them seem like brand new. A good painting will make a world of difference. Sanding and filling in tiny holes with wood filler and giving it an updated look will make them feel new, distinct and can even bring a whole new atmospehere and aesthetic to the kitchen. Not bad for just a coat of paint.

Replacing hardware

Kitchen hardware may sound like a small fix, however, it can make a big impact. Everything from drawer pulls to cabinet knobs and ceiling fan pulls can make a big difference on the visual look of your kitchen. Changing dark black hinges and knobs to a bronzed or silver look can brighten up the interior space of your kitchen. Combine this with a little bit of paint and your guests will believe you've had a kitchen remodeler when they weren't looking.

Installing moldings

If you can’t afford an entire gut out and rip up remodel for your kitchen, why not consider adding some crown moldings to your ceiling? Crown moldings give a touch of elegance and aren't that pricey. Your guests won’t quite be able to tell what you did in your kitchen, but they will notice something is different – in a better way.

Installing wainscoting

Once you’ve added crown moldings, you may want to consider wainscoting, as well. Wainscoting and chair rail give an old-fashioned yet elegant theme to your kitchen design. You can paint them if you wish or keep them natural. Either way is a great quick and inexpensive fix to creating a kitchen you will love.

Adding a coat of paint

We've said it time and time again - a little paint goes a long way. It’s amazing what a good quality paint can do for your kitchen upgrade. When you repaint your kitchen walls, and add some new paint to the cabinets along with new hardware, you might be pleasantly surprised by the fact that your kitchen looks brand new. You might even feel as though your new kitchen has the look and feel of an expensive remodel.

Spending on a single lighting fixture

New and upgraded lighting fixtures are a focal point for many rooms and especially in the kitchen. Once that new paint is on the cabinets and walls and the new hardware is installed along with some wainscoting, the finishing touch is the lighting. Not only does lighting serve as a functional purpose, it also serves as a decorative touch. You don't have to change all your lights. Just by replacing the main one with a unique fixture, you'll quickly breathe some new air into your kitchen design.

With these six small tweaks, you’ll be on your way to a kitchen that looks and feels brand new in no time.

Posted December 04, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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