Green Insulation: More Comfort, The Eco-Friendly Way

Posted November 29, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

A few decades ago, green living was associated with the term “tree hugger”. Now, green living is everywhere. Homeowners are seeking out eco-friendly house designs, and companies look to green building design for their buildings and offices.

We all know that green living is good for the environment. However, there are more benefits to green living than meets the eye. Green insulation is just one of the many ways you can create a more sustainable and comfortable environment for you and your family. Here are some of those benefits:

A Healthier Home

Of course, every homeowner wants a healthy home. What if you could have an even healthier home, though? Green living in your home design can afford you that possibility. When you adopt a green living design into your home, you reap the rewards and the benefits. One of the biggest benefits is clean indoor air for your home, you, and your family.

Many years ago, asbestos was the insulation of choice. Now, today, we know better. You spend so much time inside your home that indoor air quality is important. Your respiratory health is directly impacted by the air you breathe inside your home. Improved indoor air quality equate to better health and more comfort. No one wants to be sick and no one wants to become sick due to improper air quality inside their home.

Less Toxic Environments

When you use green building materials, you reap the reward of less toxicity being released into the air in your living space. Instead of using stale and toxic air from indoor space, a green home uses fresh outdoor air to help keep you breathing clean and feeling comfortable. Equally important is the choice of insulation inside your home.

With fresh air being circulated in a green energy home design, along with green insulation you will be healthier, feel better and more energized. Stale air makes you feel more lethargic and can negatively impact your respiratory health. Toxic materials can make you very ill.

Temperature Control

When you move from one room to another in your home, your body has to adjust to the different temperatures in each room. Your blood circulation is affected in this way. It’s easy to feel a chill in one room and too warm in another.

Green insulation will let you regulate and adjust the temperature in your home in a more evenly way. You will be able to keep your home heated and cooled at the right temperature for you. You won’t suffer from an overheated bedroom where you breathe in toxins all night long resulting in a stuffy nose or headaches.

You will save money, you will save resources, and you will save your health when you utilize green energy designs in your home design.

Posted November 29, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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