Living In A Green Home Makes You Think Better

Posted November 09, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

We all know there are many benefits to going green. For some, it still seems like a hippie thing to do. The term, “tree-hugger” is still around. However, going green is more than just a fad. It’s actually a necessity. If we don’t go green, there’s a big chance the earth and all on it will suffer. That should be enough to get you on the green side. Yet there are more benefits than the standard, necessary and obvious that perhaps can convince you a little more. For instance, did you know that living in a greenhouse can make you smarter?

Better Air Quality, Clearer Heads

Research shows that the better the air quality is inside offices and homes, the greater the brainpower of the people in them is improved. Think about it. A home with volatile organic compounds (VOCs, like the ones you can find in toxic paints) can increase the negative effects of your health, well-being, and your ability to think clearly and effectively.

When you live in a home with lower or no volatile organic compounds (like the one you can find in well-ventilated homes or on those buildings with zero-VOC paints), you can increase your chances of thinking more clearly and be more effective. Cognitive thinking is enhanced in green homes, but even more so in green homes with better air quality.

Boosted Productivity

When the air quality in a school, building, or home is improved and your thinking is more clear, productivity will naturally increase. With more productivity, come more results. The more results you have, the more chances for success you have.

So not only does having quality air, of course, increase your health and well-being, it also has a direct impact on your overall productivity. Think about the difference this can make with your sleeping patterns, awake time, and the impact it can have with getting things done. Increased energy can also equate to an increase in your bottom line.

Not only does better air-quality have an impact on the environment, but it also has a direct impact on us humans living here on planet earth. Of course, there is a multitude of other benefits to owning a smart home. Energy consumption decreases, as does energy waste while saving money increases. The environment is preserved while human beings think smarter and become more productive.

Posted November 09, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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