What Can You Do To Make Your Remodel Even Greener?

Posted December 06, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

If you are considering remodeling any area of your home, whether it is flooring, walls or even ceilings, why not consider a green remodel? You might think an eco-friendly house design is not right for you because you don’t know enough about it, or aren’t all that environmentally friendly, either. However, there are plenty of ways to start off small to create an eco-friendly home design of your dreams. It’s a win/win situation in that you get to save money, energy, and the environment all at the same time.

Look down to your floors

Keep in mind that everything you do from floors to ceiling can be remade into a green remodel project. Green remodeling does not have to be overwhelming or even complicated. It’s all in the little details. For example, you can choose to use recycled and repurposed wood for a flooring project. Even better, you can opt to use a formaldehyde free agent when installing your new floor. you wouldn't believe how many times the floor is overlooked by customers who think going green is only about newer and more efficient appliances and lighting. Don't make that mistake!

There's an opportunity in every wall

Concrete floors or walls made out of brick hold onto heat during the day and give it right back to you over night. You may just be able to shut down that electric blanket, save energy and save resources and money at the same time, too. Also, you should check your walls for cracks, as you might not notice them but they are probably there (given that the average US home has at least half a mile of cracks, the chances are really high). Sealing them will boost your home's energy efficiency and turn your home into an even greener house!

Use recycled Glass

There are many uses for recycled glass in your new green home remodel design. Countertops made out of recycled glass are attractive and wonderful ways of recycling and reusing. Not only that, they make excellent conversation pieces. Recycled glass tiles and backsplashes are also an amazing way to introduce an eco-friendly material into your home that will stun all of your guests.

Be mindful when shopping for doors

If you’re looking to replace those patio doors in your home, consider low-E tempered glass doors. These doors increase energy efficiency by keeping your home cool and comfortable even when the sun beams through. You can keep your cooling costs down this way and boost your curb's appeal in no time with one of the best investments you can make in terms of ROI. Be sure to research when buying for a door, as sustainable models can make an interesting difference in your energy use.

Search and search for new materials

Not only can you choose wisely when it comes to green energy efficient remodeling projects, you can also be mindful of the materials you use to build these projects. Using paints that contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and opting for more eco-friendly materials as opposed to formaldehydes and glues is another bonus way to incorporate a truly green environment throughout your entire home. Try to inform yourself, ask your contractor or shop around for materials. There might be more sustainable options than you think for most areas of your remodel, and they are always a great choice as they combine elegance with sustainability in equal parts.

Green remodeling isn't a fad anymore. Now it's the best option to improve your home and turn it into a lovely house that boosts your comfort as you could never have thought possible.

Posted December 06, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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