Things to Consider for an ADU Garage Conversion and the Benefits

Posted June 08, 2020 by Treeium Inc.

What Are The Benefits of an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

  1. Allow homeowners to convert an existing space, like a garage, for their use or to rent and earn extra income.
  2. Construction is affordable as it occurs on existing land - no land purchasing required!
  3. Great for families with aging parents or grandparents who need in-home care.
  4. Affordable
  5. A private space to entertain extended family, friends, or a time out space for when the kids won’t settle down!
  6. Increases the value of your existing home and property!

What Do Homeowners in California Need to Consider When Remodeling A Garage Into An ADU?

From aesthetics and design guidelines, to the legality of an Accessory Dwelling Unit, there are many things homeowners must consider during remodel. For homeowners in the State of California, there are specific guidelines that must be followed before you begin your garage conversion.

  1. Treeium Garage Conversion Contractors Treeium will provide you with the best available garage conversion contractors in Southern California. Our licensed contractors are talented and utilize modern technology, combined with eco-friendly and sustainable building practices to ensure your project operates smoothly, safely, and provides you with the best ADU in the neighborhood.

  2. Find Your Floor Plan Treeium contractors will help draw up a floor plan that meets all the stringent requirements that the State of California has put into place for ADU garage conversions, all while you maintain creative control.

  3. Garage Conversion and ADU Requirements Consider plumbing needs - tank or tankless water heater? Gas or electric? HVAC needs - full system, or a more affordable ductless unit most effective in smaller spaces? How many electric outlets, lights, and switches need to be installed and where in the ADU will they be located? and where do you want them? You’ll need to discuss with your Treeium contractor what kind of electrical panel you’ll need as well.

  4. ADU’s as Rental Property Even if you don’t live on the same property as your garage converted ADU, you can still rent the space to a tenant! However, ADU’s cannot be sold separately from the main home

Posted June 08, 2020
by Treeium Inc..


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