California Water Drought: Tips for Saving Water

Posted July 15, 2014 by Gabriel Posternak

The state of California remains in a severe drought condition, and the situation seems to be getting worse as time goes by with exceptional drought conditions spreading in central California. Just about one third of the state of California is experiencing what is known as exceptional drought.

In the month of May, water use has seen a decline, although water use has not yet seen the required drop of twenty percent required to remove the state from emergency status.

If you are not experiencing the impact of the California drought, imagine what you could or would do to help the water shortage. While it is important to conserve water at all times, there are ways to conserve during an emergency situation as well.

Taking Responsibility at Home 

There are many things you can do to save water in your home. Start by doing a room by room search.

Faucets and Pipes – Go through each room and check the faucets and pipes. For example, go into your bathroom and peek under the sink, check for leaks. Run the water in your kitchen sink and see if it continues to drip long after shutting it off – you may need to replace a really inexpensive washer. Take a look at your home heating and water system as well as your air conditioning system. Sometimes condensation is normal, other times it is not. Also, don’t forget to install aerators in your faucets. This is a wonderful way to conserve water.

Toilets – Many of us has had the bad habit of throwing a tissue or some sort of garbage into our toilets. This is a big mistake, not only does it clog your system, it may cause backup and leaking. Use the garbage for garbage and the toilet for a toilet.

Showers - Take a look at your shower heads – perhaps you can install a low flow shower head to conserve water. Taking shorter showers consciously is also a good way to effectively save money as you use quite a bit of money while showering.

Dishwasher – Use your dishwasher on a full load and not on an empty load. Same goes for your washing machine – don’t run it until its full.

Don’t run water unnecessarily – If you are not ready to shower, then wait until you are completely ready to get in, so you can conserve water. Don’t run the water while brushing your teeth. This will save a considerable amount of water.

Use Mother Nature – Utilize the water from rain by purchasing a rain barrel. Some homeowners find a way to attach a rain barrel to their gutters so that the drip off runs into the barrel. Water your plants this way and save water by not using the garden hose.

Avoid using timed sprinklers – Sometimes your sprinklers will come on even if it is raining buckets. Try to avoid using timed sprinklers and wait on the rain before bringing out the hose or sprinklers.

As you can see, there are many ways to conserve water in your home and garden. A little ingenuity and some conservation consciousness goes a long way.

Posted July 15, 2014
by Gabriel Posternak.


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