Treeium Energy Officially Announces Installer Certification with Storz Energy

Posted September 07, 2021 by Treeium Inc.

Treeium Energy is proud to announce its Installer Certification alongside Storz Energy which provides an energy solution product that can power essentials and even entire homes, regardless of size even in the event of a power outage or emergency. The energy storage products provided include batteries that are Military-grade, technologically advanced, and durable American made products. This convenient, environmentally-friendly energy solution allows for greater access and control over your home’s essential appliances. Some of the other products offered include solar panels, batteries, and inverters that are designed to capture natural energy and store what isn’t used for future use. Together with Storz you gain to access your own power grid, turning appliances off and on with ease while monitoring usage and setting up automated or manual controls all from an app on your smartphone. Even In the event of power loss, you will have an abundance of energy stored to power your home, bridging each and every output gap.

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The environmental benefits of having a backup power solution are endless but can also help you save on your bottom line. There are incredible savings opportunities with energy storage solutions, for example: By comparison should you choose to go with a traditional generator, there is the associated cost to buy the fuel to keep it running and as we know fuel costs can add up if you frequently rely on your generator. However, opting to install a battery for backup power, allows you to now pair that battery with a solar energy system (The federal solar tax credit, allows you to deduct 26 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes. The 26 percent credit is in effect for two more years before it drops to 22 percent in 2023 and sunsets altogether for homeowners in 2024.) to charge it with renewable energy from the sun. Over time it can save tens of thousands of dollars on your electric bill.

Even if solar is not an option for you, your battery might be able to save you money on your electric bill as some utilities have TOU rates which vary throughout the day. Those TOU rates can be reduced with a battery by providing an alternative source of electricity when rates are high. At our foundation Treeium is mindful of the environment that surrounds us and together with Storz Power the mission is simple: to provide powerful, sustainable energy solutions that are healthy for both people and the environment.

The combination of our teams of knowledgeable professionals eager to bring the flexibility and convenience of solar energy storage to each and every home is what we strive for.

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Treeium is general contracting company established in 1991, specializes in desing,remodeling and energy soluton industry. The belief that change begins from the inside out, and that for every need there is a green solution is why we offer renovation services that assist our clients in creating their dream homes in an efficient, sustainable, healthy manner that benefits both their families and the planet simultaneously. At the forefront of innovation, spearheaded by high levels of integrity, technology and customer's satisfaction, while maintaining unmatched service, selection and convenience is the instilled culture invoked at Treeium. This accompanied by a team of experienced experts that take pride in the work they do severs as a pillar of confidence in our guaranteed customer satisfaction by way of our financial strength, transparency and full project visibility through our unique and innovative processes and technologies. In addition to our commitment to serving our clients Treeium continues to give back to the communities as we help beautify the planet and offset our carbon footprint by planting a tree with each and every completed project. These efforts over the years have been acknowledged and appreciated by our peers as well as the industry’s leaders by way of multiple Awards and Achievements in merriment for excelling in the home improvement and remodeling space. Some of which include: INC. 500 (Three Years in a row) Qualified Remodelers Top 500 (Seven Years in a Row), 550 Remodeling (Three consecutive years), Remodelers Big 50, Best of Home Advisor and Angies List Super Service Award to name a few.

Treeium Inc is here to help serve you today while still being mindful of the world tomorrow. In doing so we hope that together we can build towards a happy, healthier, better tomorrow.

Posted September 07, 2021
by Treeium Inc..


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