Posted May 17, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Why do I need an energy audit?

I’m sure you came across the phase “Energy audit” a lot while researching about energy efficiency, climatization or solar conversion, but it's not so clear why is something you should do. Let me explain what is an Energy Audit, what are you going to find out about your home with it and which are the benefits of this inspection in the long run.


What exactly is an Energy Audit?

Right out of Wikipedia, “A home energy audit is a service where the energy efficiency of a house is evaluated by a person using professional equipment, with the aim to suggest the best ways to improve energy efficiency in heating and cooling the house.” A good energy audit will measure your home’s performance, in terms of air-tightness and temperature flow, and then combine that information with the surroundings of the building and the climate of the area. A complete inspection will also check failures in major systems -electrical, plumbing, structural, masonry and ventilation- that might affect the overall energy performance of the house. As one of our energy auditor, Doug, always says: “A house is like a football team. Everything's got to work together” When you hire an inspection, you should expect a qualified inspector, some very precise measuring equipment -like nothing you’ve seen before- and a thorough exam of every inch of your home. Literally, every inch! The audit finishes when all the collected data is assessed with information about past year utility bills and household habits, provided by homeowners.


What could I find out with an energy inspection?

In every season, an air leak in your home means a money leak in utility bills. An energy audit will find out all the failures that make your house waste energy, to provide with the comfort you seek. The final report will show you

  • Health and safety status: CO levels, moisture and overall air quality.
  • Comfort levels: cold/hot spots, drafts, smells and stuffiness of every room.
  • Air tightness’ performance.
  • Insulation’s performance.
  • Air heating and cooling system’s performance.
  • Water heating system’s efficiency.
  • Minimum and maximum energy consumption and energy saving opportunities.

Of course, you should have an interview with your energy inspector beforehand to tell him about your current concerns, so he can better find the opportunities for improvement that suits you best. Remember that there are no two identical houses, lifestyles or needs, and an energy audit should be thorough, personalized and -mostly- useful for you!


How could I benefit from a home audit?

If you are buying a new house, the reason is obvious: to secure your investment and make sure that you know what you are buying. A comprehensive energy audit will also give you an overall idea of the improvements you could make to a recently acquired property. If you already live in the house you want to inspect, this report will show you all the opportunities to reduce your household energy consumption, save in utility bills and be greener. You could save 5% to 30% by making energy upgrades identified in your home’s energy assessment. This also will give you an accurate home’s energy requirements to make a solar conversion, and get the perfect PV system you need. And last, but not least, most energy efficient homes can apply to multiple incentive programs, get access to energy update financing and tax exemptions.


Definitely, an energy audit is an inexpensive option that will give you back much more than your investment in it. Book your inspection in this link, or just give us a call so we can clear any other doubt that you might have about it.

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