Posted February 23, 2014 by Gabriel Posternak

How Green Roofs Help Improve Solar Panels Performance

Many individuals have heard of green roofs, also known as living roofs and green walls, as well. A green roof is a roof that is covered by vegetative plants and has many benefits. For one thing, a green or living roof improves water run off, showing in some studies the reduction in nitrogen and phosphorous.

Why would anyone want or need a green roof; you may ask. Well, there are many benefits, some environmental and some economical.

  • Green roofs provide vegetation with much needed water, thereby reducing the run off rate
  • Reduce the impact of an unforeseen flash flood
  • Provide for much needed vegetation as bare land grows more sparse
  • Green roofs can provide for energy savings in both the need for heating and air conditioning

Green roofs also provide a possible place as a habitat for wildlife, especially birds, and also act as an air filter, as well as a noise stabilizer.

However, green roofs can also help improve the performance of existing solar panels, as well. Roof solar panels utilize the natural resource of the sun to produce and conserve energy.

Since green roofs can help maintain and regulate the temperature of a section of roof, and trickle down to the building itself, it stands to reason that a green roof partnered together with a series of solar panels will maximize the performance of those solar panels.

If a green roof can maintain, aid, and assist the temperature of the building, then the solar panels can work together in conjunction with that green roof. Energy savings will be increased on both the heating and cooling needs of the building by utilizing both solar panels and a green roof. It is possible that a green roof can increase the energy power of those solar panels.

If a solar panel reaches too high a temperature, its energy output is reduced. Having a green roof that maintains the temperature control of the roof and the building makes the solar panel system work at its optimal best.

Combining solar panels with green roofing is the best of both worlds. This provides so many benefits to the environment and the individuals in it. A green roof provides a free air filtration system, a reduced energy system for heating and cooling purposes, a great place for birds and wildlife to rest, reduction of air and noise pollution, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and the conservation of energy, just to name a few.

Together with more and more innovative ideas, going green has never been as beneficial as it is today.

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