Posted April 15, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

5 Home Improvement Tips To Start Your Change

Almost a month of spring has passed and with it came a warmer climate, greener pastures and a certain craving to go outside. With all that fresh and renewed air, it's understandable why spring seems to be the favorite time of year to clean and do home improvement upgrades. So, why not take this spring as an opportunity to improve your home’s energy efficiency while making some home improvements that benefit both you and the environment at the same time?

If you are someone who wants to make a change for the better, why not consider some home improvement tips to start your change? There’s no place like home to start that change!

5 Home Improvement Tips to Start Your Change

Look for the hidden value of your furniture – take some time out to look at the different pieces of furniture you are throwing out or donating. How can you add new life to those pieces? Did you know that you can refurbish a chair in many exquisite ways at almost no cost? What about that white dresser that no longer matches your new bedroom set? Why not paint it using appropriate paint for wood that has no volatile organic compounds and turn it into an office accessory for books and files? Your books and files will be unseen to the naked eye and you will have storage space that you did not consider previously.


Make a Seal – Go throughout your home and check for air leaks – one of the most important places to check is your air ducts. Your air ducts will be one of the greatest sources of leakage and the biggest place to save money and save energy. Seal up leaks around doors and windows as well as electrical outlets, too.

Install a few things – Installing a programmable thermostat can save you quite a bit of money. The old fashioned kind are just not reliable and can vary several degrees higher than what is truly accurate. Install new light bulbs using energy saving models instead. Install a rain barrel outside to catch run off water rather than using the hose.


Clean filters – Make certain to clean air conditioning and heating system filters. If the filters are dirty, they will have to work twice as hard. When filters are clean, systems can operate efficiently.

Don’t forget about your doors – We all know the importance of installing energy efficient windows. We probably spend quite a bit of time spring cleaning windows during spring season; however, don’t forget about your doors. Did you know that you can purchase energy efficient doors? Doors that are hollow inside do not provide optimal energy efficiency. The air just seeps right through it and wastes energy – which in turn wastes money, as well.

So, there you have it, five top ways to save energy, improve your home and make a change for the better.

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