Posted May 10, 2019 by Giuliano Franchi

Energy Efficiency, How to Add Value to Your Home

As Spring comes to an end and we welcome the early days of summer, now is the best time to take advantage of the most energy efficient upgrades Treeium, Inc. has to offer. Follow us as we guide you in ways to improve your home, your comfortability and your quality of life, all while investing in yourself and your homes in ways that offer up a return on your investment both in the short and long term. Here are a few easy ways that together with Treeium, Inc. you can save money, while adding value to your home:

Solar Roof Panels

Solar Roof-Panels are a great eco-friendly and energy efficient addition to any home. With these panels, solar energy is captured and is then converted to electricity thus providing an alternative way to power your home and all your appliances within. These panels provide your home with a renewal energy source that poses no danger to the environment and reduces our carbon footprint. They require a very small amount of maintenance and have a life expectancy of many years. Investing in solar roof panels will reduce your utility bills and in even some cases where the homes energy system produced more than what was consumed, electric meters spun backwards which resulted in a credit from the local electric company.


Dual Pane Windows

The dual pane window is an easy way to enhance the comfortably of your home while also assisting in saving you monthly on heating and cooling expenses. Dual pane windows insulate the home very well and possess an almost soundproofing quality that allows you to turn up the volume when watching an action packed movie or when jamming out to your favorite song on the radio while not imposing on the neighbors next door. Available in wood, metal or vinyl, Dual Pane Windows reduce the amount of heat or cool air that is lost in the home which in turn reduces the need to continually operate your heating or cooling system throughout the day.


Programmable Thermostat

Speaking of your heating or cooling system running all day long the programmable thermostat doesn’t require much work but does dramatically reduce the amount of energy use each day. The ability to program the thermostat to alter the temperature in your home throughout the day enables you to ensure it is on during the hours in which you are home and even in instances where you may forget to turn it off on the way out, it will shut itself off making sure electricity and your hard earned money isn’t going to waste with no one home.


Eco-Friendly Vinyl Flooring

Eco-friendly vinyl flooring is an excellent alternative to other types of flooring, such as linoleum or ceramic tile. It is more durable and easier to maintain than these other varieties. It is easy to install and affordable. Vinyl flooring can also imitate several different classic floor coverings, including wood, stone, and ceramic tile. For example, vinyl plank flooring, which resembles wood, is a common choice among renovators who like the look of wood floors but do not want to maintain them.


In Conclusion

Regardless of which home renovations you decide to install to reduce your environmental footprint and increase energy efficiency, they will most certainly raise the resale value of your home. Buyers today are much more interested in preserving the environment than ever before. A home with energy efficient and ecological features will sell much more quickly than a home that lacks such features. For all of these options and more, be sure to check us out at today for a zero cost consultation.

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