How to Improve Your Home’s Energy Performance: Bathroom

Posted March 26, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

Does your energy efficient home include an energy efficient bathroom as well? If you want your home energy performance to increase and the answer to this question is no, then you might want to consider doing a bathroom upgrade.

Now, an upgrade doesn’t mean that you rip everything out and tear up your bathroom and start an expensive remodel project from scratch. While, of course, that is an option, there is another, cheaper alternative as well. You could improve the energy efficiency in your already existing bathroom.

How can you do so? There are lots of ways but here are five top tips to improve the energy efficiency in your bathroom:

  • Venting Equipment – Everyone knows that after a shower your bathroom steams up and gets foggy. This could cause mold and mildew issues, which are not good for your health. During warmer seasons you can open up your bathroom window and let some of that steam out, but this is not always one hundred percent effective. A better way is to install an Energy Star rated ventilation fan. Why Energy Star? Installing an Energy Star venting fan will save you energy as compared to models that are not Energy Star rated. Their motors are high performance motors, getting the job done in a shorter period of time, therefore saving money and energy as well as ridding your bathroom of the humidity that could lead to dangerous mold.
  • Water Conservation – Water in the bathroom is used more than in any other room inside your home, so saving it there it’s in your best interest. Thankfully, you can conserve water in many ways: by installing low-flow showerheads and water conserving toilets, replacing washers and repairing leaks in your bathroom. You can also install a faucet aerator, which leads to a smaller water stream that is as good as a regular one but which uses far less water.


  • Lighting - One of the best places to look to save electricity and money is the lighting in your bathroom. Something as simple as shutting off a light switch and replacing standard bulbs with energy savers makes a difference. You can also look to see if you can replace a smaller existing window with a larger window. Of course, you want to have your privacy, but the more natural sunlight you allow in, the more you conserve. Skylights for bathrooms are also money and energy savers. If you have a vanity with large bulbs, think about remodeling the vanity or placing it closer to a window if possible.
  • Air Sealing - Air sealing is a great way to keep drafts out and heat in, which of course is what you want when bathing. If you are knocking down walls or expanding your bathroom, make certain that you use insulation that is up to code for new construction.
  • Heated Floors – Radiant heating panels for your walls or floors can help you to lower the temperature on your thermostat. If you are like most individuals, one of the most important rooms to keep warm is the bathroom. Not only is this a treat, it can turn out to be an energy and money saving addition to a new bathroom remodel project.

These are some of the top and most effective ways to save energy in one of the most important rooms of your house – the bathroom.

Do you have any novel ways you save money in your bathroom? If so, please feel free to share them with us.

Posted March 26, 2015
by Gabriel Posternak.


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