How to Save Money on Heating Costs

Posted September 23, 2014 by Gabriel Posternak

Energy loss, or the loss of heat energy, accounts for thousands of dollars a year in heating costs. Your heating and electricity bill is likely a large expense. There are ways you can save money on heating costs, and reducing energy loss is one of the best ways to do so.

Energy loss refers to the heat energy that is lost through your walls, floors, doors and windows, and roof. Using some of the following methods to reduce energy loss in your home is one of the best ways to save money on heating costs.


To begin, you will need to properly inspect your home for air leaks. Air leaks are most likely to occur in around doors and windows, around the attic space, and around air ducts and vents. To conduct a thorough inspection for air leaks, close all doors and windows tightly. Turn off any gas appliances and turn on any exhaust fans as well as ceiling and floor fans to draw air into your home. Then, walk around your home and feel for air leaks with your hands. You can also use an incense stick to see, rather than feel, changes in air.


Weatherizing your home can save you a lot of money on heating costs. Go through your home and install weather stripping and caulk around door and window frames. Replace any old rickety windows and doors, and consider installing storm windows. Make sure to apply weather stripping to basement and attic doors as well, as they are common problem areas for heat loss.


Most homes are under-insulated. Properly insulating your attic can save you hundreds of dollars in heating costs alone. Do your research and talk to professionals to determine which materials and thickness will be best for insulation in your home.


Properly caulking potential areas of weakness can prevent air leaks, which account for a large portion of energy loss. Caulk on the inside and outside of the house, around door and window frames and in any cracks you see. Also caulk around air vents, ducts, and other openings that could leak. Make sure all doors and vents fit tightly and can be closed properly to keep air in or out as needed.

Also caulk or install foam backing around outlets and switches. Although these areas are small, they are typical weak areas that are prone to air leak, and closing up those spaces can save you money by preventing heat loss.


If your roof is getting near time to replace, or if it has been damaged, consider looking into energy efficient shingles. They work double time by reflecting the Sun’s harsh rays away from your home, but also acting as another level of insulation to keep the heat and air inside your home.

With these simple tips, you can save hundreds of dollars on your heating costs by effectively reducing heat and energy loss in your home.

Posted September 23, 2014
by Gabriel Posternak.


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