What Is Energy Efficiency And Why Is It Important For Your Home?

Posted March 23, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

You have probably heard the term energy efficiency in one form or another. Most likely, you are also familiar with the terms energy efficient appliance. But do you know the meaning of having an energy efficient home? What about doing an energy audit for your home; have you ever done one?

Energy efficiency is a term that is thrown around quite a bit these days, mainly when listing green tips for home improvement. Having a home that is energy efficient benefits you and enhances the preservation of the planet.

What is Energy Efficiency?

A good way to explain energy efficiency is to say that you are using less energy to produce the same results. Picture running your air conditioning unit while keeping your windows open as an example of the contrary of energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency means to find alternative ways to conserve energy in order to preserve the environment and to save resources rather than waste them away. The reason why energy efficiency has become so important is because it’s vital to the preservation of the environment. If everyone conserved energy in some way, shape or form, the planet would be that much better off in relation to preservation.

Why is Energy Efficiency So Important?

There are several reasons why energy efficiency is vital for humanity and the environment we live in:

  • Energy efficiency equals to money saved. When you stop running water, wash some clothing by hand, line dry instead of using the dryer and fill up those tires with air, you save gas, electricity, water and precious energy.
  • Energy efficiency equals to preserving the environment. The production or importing of natural resources such as coal and oil leaves a damaging carbon footprint on the environment. Conserving extends the life of the resources we already have.
  • Energy efficiency promotes better health. The less emissions we use, the less pollution there is in the air and the better off our lungs are. Burning less fuel simply means healthier air to breathe.

How to Know if Your Home is Energy Efficient

Most people do an energy audit to find out if their home is as energy efficient as it should be. You can either perform a do-it-yourself version or you can hire a professional company to come in and check your home for energy leaks.

Either way, you will want to search for the same basic energy issues. Begin with checking for air leaks. Check windows and doors for drafts. Plug and caulk around faucets, pipes and even possibly outlets to keep drafts out and heat and cooler air inside your home where it belongs.

Heat loss through the ceiling or walls of your home is one of the biggest energy wasters. If you do not have insulation in your home, have a professional come in and recommend different types of insulating products that would suit your needs. You will save quite a bit of money by checking to see if your insulation is outdated or non-existent.

Take a look at your appliances. Chances are they are older models and in need of replacement. If you find that your appliances are outdated, purchase updated models that offer energy star ratings for optimal energy efficiency.

Have you done an energy audit yet? If not, why not start now? Check out companies in your area that will provide you with a free energy audit assessment. You will save money and preserve the environment,a win/win combination in anyone’s book.

Posted March 23, 2015
by Gabriel Posternak.


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