Posted April 20, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

Why an energy efficient home is more important now than ever

If you follow the environmental news and blogs somewhat closely, you surely have come across the notion of an energy efficient home. In fact, you might have noticed that we have kept talking on and on about it, sometimes even taking the time to explain the same topic from different approaches. ‘But, why bother?’ you might be thinking. ‘Is it really worth that much talk?’ In short, yes, yes it is.

The concept behind an energy efficient home is pretty simple: to improve and optimize your entire house in order to preserve energy. The benefits that stem from doing this, as you can imagine, are huge, from lower energy bills to an actual contribution to fight climate change. The best thing about the process is that it isn’t that much time-consuming nor pricey. As you can see, an energy efficient home is practically convenient for everyone involved, so you shouldn’t be asking “Is it worth it?’ but ‘Why aren’t we all doing it?’ instead.

At least, that’s what we at Treeium are wondering right now. We have devoted our entire lives to turn Californian houses into the best homes a family can have. And that doesn’t just mean remodeling a kitchen or adding a new room – it’s all about improving the quality of their lives. That’s why we are convinced that energy efficiency is one of the key things all homes should be aiming for.


We think that to be true for yesterday, today and all days to come, really. But we also know by experience that there’s not a better time to act than today, especially if you take a look around and see how our decisions can truly make a difference. If we are to prevent this terrible drought from happening again, if we are to truly fight against climate change, then we have to change for better right now.

That’s the commitment we’ve made at Treeium. And that’s why we want to make you an offer – an special energy efficiency audit to get you started with that change. For a quarter of what you’d usually pay, you’ll receive a professional analysis and a thorough examination of your entire house that will watch your energy consumption as closely as possible. Leaks, malfunctions, lighting quality, insulation and other aspects will be scrutinized by our team of experts, who will determine how can you improve your home’s energy efficiency.

We thought of this offer because we want everyone in that change. We believe that everyone needs to understand that we can no longer afford to be irresponsible with our energy consumption. Our society needs to leave certain harmful habits behind in order to build a brighter future for all and the only way to do so is to start today. So, we’re asking you to join us in our mission to turn all of California’s homes into energy efficient homes. We know it’ll be hard but that won’t make us abandon the path we know is right.

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