Want to cut your AC costs? Follow these tips

Posted July 12, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

The summer and it’s insane temperatures is really making us turn up our ACs to find some comfort. With heat waves raging through most of the country, it’s pretty obvious to think that the air conditioning systems installed in almost 90% of American households are running high. Unfortunately, what relieves us from the heat can cost us a lot both financially and environmentally. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to cool our homes while keeping those costs in check.

Don’t know how to do that? Here are some tips that will cut your bills by lowering your consumption.

1 – Get your AC system checked

A must before the hot season begins, having your AC examined is one of the greatest ways to reduce your AC-related costs – especially if your system is old. An AC expert can check your system in no time and detect problems before they become major issues. Additionally, the professional can check the circuitry, the filters, the refrigerant, the condenser and the compressor to ensure everything’s ok for the hot season ahead.

Bonus: since you already have the professional there, ask him to replace the air filter with a new one. Thus, the system will run smoother and will consume less energy, which will translate in savings you’ll have to see to believe.

2 – Use your fan

We are not saying you should turn off your AC and start using the fan – we’re encouraging you to combine them. Sounds counterproductive? It isn’t! Using a fan when your AC is on allows you to turn the temperature in the latter by 4 degrees without a noticeable change in the atmosphere. That’s because fans move the air around and de-moisturizes it, making you feeling cooler even when the overall room is a little higher. Just remember to turn off the fan when you leave the room and you’ll be all set.

3 – Invest in newer equipment

Ironically, the best way to save is to spend some money. That’s because newer AC systems are more efficient and will improve on your old AC’s performance. There are just a couple of things to have in mind when buying the new equipment, though. First, check that the SEER rating (the factor to measure an AC’s efficiency) is 13  or higher. Then, be sure you get the right AC size for the rooms you’re about to cool. Finally, remember to hire a pro to install your AC, since improper installation can lead to further energy losses. Oh, an one more thing – if your current AC isn’t 10 years old, a newer equipment won’t making a huge difference, so spend that money on something more vital to your energy saving efforts.

4 – Improve your home as a whole

Many of the energy we use on a daily basis is lost because how inefficient our houses really are. Air leaking through cracks or improperly insulated walls and ceilings are a common occurrence that you can prevent today.  An energy efficiency expert can help you identify and solve all the energy issues you have in your home that, once resolved, will make a tremendous difference on your energy bills. Additionally, you can invest in some more tech, like Nest’s programmable thermostat, to make an even more efficient use of your energy, especially in days with extreme temperatures.

Ideally, you should combine all of these tips for maximum savings. However, just following one of them should be enough for you to start saving energy, help the environment and cut your costs in a significant way. Try them now!

Posted July 12, 2015
by Gabriel Posternak.


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