This is how your home will look like in the future

Posted April 07, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

If you are looking to buy a new house or planning a major remodel you want your investment to last, so naturally you need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Sneak peek into the homes of the future according to what the experts say is coming our way!

A new take on efficiency

With utility bills skyrocketing and fossil fuels becoming more scarce, people are shifting to more efficient systems and renewable energy. Also, climate change is playing a part in this trend, asking for a more sensible use of water and reducing the greenhouse gasses emission. With incentive programs for solar conversion and more affordable electric cars coming to the market, a shift on energy consumption is already happening.


Urban farming and indoor growing

With the rising interest in organic products and the technological advances in home indoor systems, a personal farm is a strong trend today. And not just growing for consumption, decorative plants will be part of the interior design to integrate nature and help indoor air healthier. The busy life or the lack of outdoor space will not be an obstacle to keep in touch with nature in the coming years.

indoor garden

Smart homes

New appliances are integrating to a dashboard controlled by a smart home app that learns with usage. While traditional systems were programmable, now smart machines can interact and learn with the regular use, like understand natural voice commands, achieve efficiency goals or differentiate a resident from an intruder. Computer-controlled processes will provide better performance and safety with less attention needed.

Treeium Orange Nest for HVAC

According to those trends, your home in the future is expected to:

  • Reduce the dependency on power grid with full conversion to solar energy.
  • Include electric car chargers in the garage -today in Palo Alto CA, building code already requires new homes to come pre-wired for electric car chargers-.
  • Have all low-flow water fixtures and water saving plumbing to reduce the use of running water. Also re-circuit greywater to flush toilets, and rainwater collection/ storage for use in gardens and cleaning.
  • Include a personal farm space in the yard and/or an indoor garden cabinet for hydroponic growing of vegetables and decorative plants.
  • Use smart meters for all utilities, connected to the grid and to a mobile app to optimize usage and take advantage of discounts and rebates.
  • Use only Energy Star certified appliances and lighting and upgrade the heating to an energy efficient, non-pollutant system.
  • Rely on smart home app with advanced monitors, alarms, locks and controls.

Why we choose those trends: Because you can start now with the existing tools and go ahead as more technology become available.

The main objective of the home of the future is enhance the living experience in a natural way, not to transform it in a lab from a science fiction movie, so just pick the trends you feel comfortable with.

And remember that most of them will help you save money, so if you still have any doubts leave a comment below and we will be very happy to guide you with that :)

Posted April 07, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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