The new trends on indoor flooring

Posted June 27, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Floors are a huge part of your home, and it usually takes ages to be replaced or improved. When planning a home remodel is a good opportunity to take care of them. Let’s stroll along the new trends in decor and materials to get inspired for your next flooring renovation.


Floors ideal for kids rooms and play spaces

The obvious choice for kids bedrooms and playrooms is the carpet flooring, because it cushions falls and absorbs noises that are originated there at playtime. The trend is to forget about the monochrome options and apply designs with patterns of carpet patches. Depending on age and use, this artwork can vary from a simple hopscotch or polka dots, to more elaborated planet-surface-like floors combining different textures and fibers. Even with modern stain-free, bacteriostatic and hypoallergenic fibers you prefer to avoid carpets, you can opt for the same type of deco with rubber mats and rubber tiles, that have almost the same benefits and tend to be cleaner and dust free for more sensitive people.

Big surfaces and open plan flooring

When you need to cover big floor surfaces and open plan designs with continuity you will face 2 problems: the difference in usage -and damage after some time- and the elevated cost of the job. Considering this two factors, the new trend is rely on heavy transit surfaces that last longer to keep the big investment sound for years. The very versatile concrete now can be stained, polished and sealed with glossy lacquer to mimic marble or equally expensive stones. Stamped concrete can replace vintage hardwood floors and are a perfect options for indoor-outdoor spaces, because it can go on well into decks and gardens and are very resistant to the elements.


If you crave for traditional hardwood flooring, take a lot at modern engineered hardwood. This material is composed of a hyper-compressed core and a top layer of hardwood veneer that's available in almost any color. This flooring is cheaper and greener that solid wood floors -choose the one with recycled fibers’ core- and comes in heavy use versions that adapt to all usage. If you already have a hardwood floor and some planks can be salvaged and reused, you can ask your  flooring contractor or designer to apply them combined with polished concrete for a very contemporary look!

Nice and clean flooring for kitchen and bathrooms

Kitchen and bathrooms are the spaces more prone to get dirty and stained, but are the ones that most need to be immaculate. You need flooring that can be easily cleaned without sacrificing the looks. For ages, ceramic tiles have been the first choice, and now you can go green with your remodel choosing partially recycled materials. Brands like Fireclay, Oceanside Glasstile, Daltile, Eco Friendly Flooring and Trend Design manufacture gorgeous pieces and custom projects that uses reclaimed and recycled clay, glass or metal. There is no project or design that cannot be handled with one of them.

Treeium New Kitchen Remodel with brown cabinets and white counter tops

The design trend for ceramic flooring consist in integrate the wall to wall tile to floor to ceiling matching material to create brighter spaces, full of reflections, that are also easier to clean. Colors, patterns and glossy finishes are the most required.

FullSizeRender (2)

As we always tell you, a very important issue you need to cover is the waste disposal. A flooring update -like roofing- generates a great amount of debris that need to be carefully handled. Make sure that this is covered by your contractor when you accept the bid for the job. Your home should be nice as it is the big neighborhood we all inhabit that is the planet ;)

Have you found your inspiration? Which flooring is the best for you?

Posted June 27, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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