The 10 most rad patio barbecues you will see

Posted June 21, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Summer, friends and barbecue are the best match always. Take a look at this insane outdoor kitchen and barbecues to get inspired and get your own for your home this season.


Fresh beverages, always

Add a small refrigerator to your outdoor kitchen counter will assure the supply of fresh drinks all barbecue long!

Source Plentio


Stainless steel and white for a packed space

You can have a gorgeous barbecue and smoker in a small place or even a terrace or balcony of an apartment! Don’t let the lack of space make you forget your BBQ dreams.

Source Freshome


50 shades of gray

Blend all the colors to the natural stone tile in gray and create contrast with a luxury countertop in dark granite. Add some splashes of color with flowers and decor, and just let the perfectly cooked food out from the smoker speaks from itself!

Source: Premier Landscape


A lounge

Feeling bold? What about a huge outdoor lounge with a top notch smoker? This setup is perfect for a house in the hill. This beautiful space is great for big parties and entertain for all ages.

Source: Cukni


Have it all
over stream2

A grill, a smoker and a stove, why not? This open patio barbecue have all a foodie could wish in a castle-like design. With green gas-free appliances, throw some candle lanterns here and there and you’ll have all the ambiance.

Source: Over Stream


Lord of the Ring-y

You can make the whole space around a statement countertop like this big stone. This is great to match a stone garden and integrate your patio BBQ to the surrounding environment.

Source: Azuro


Indoor or outdoor? Who cares!

Keeping up with the design trends, this kitchen-slash-barbecue is integrated with both the inside and the outside of this home in Melbourne.

Source: Imgur


Hidden treasure

Pack your barbecue equipment behind this barn sliding doors can be a perfect solution for a small garden. You can have all the fun when needed, without disrupting the outdoor design of your home.

Source: Clean and Scentsible


BBQ & Pizza, what could go wrong?

If you are a serious foodie, you will love to have a wooden pizza oven right to your smoker. A luxury outdoor kitchen for tasting all the flavors your family and friends crave! Indulge yourself ;)

Source: Freshome



Another version of patio barbecue + pizza oven in a minimalist design. This polished concrete countertop is ideal for long narrow spaces, and the cabinet doors can be easily painted or replaced to update the looks if needed. This modern design is the most versatile and updatable of all!

Source: The Blog Deco


Have you find your inspiration already? If you still have doubts, call your contractor and explore with them all your possibilities. In the meantime, you can take this quizz to know your BBQ IQ from the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association and have some fun

Happy summer!

Posted June 21, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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