Posted January 27, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

4 powerful reasons to go green when remodeling

There are lots of myths and misunderstandings about green remodeling. Some think is costly. Others believe that a green home isn't as durable as a regular one. Other people don't even care about it. All of them are wrong. Here 4 powerful reasons to prove it. 

Good for your wallet

Green remodeling and upgrading is, in fact, more expensive than traditional construction in terms of investment but you will reduce your utility bills a lot. You can save anywhere from 5 to 30 percent on your energy bill by making some simple home energy upgrades and that number can be duplicated after a comprehensive energy audit and upgrade.

If you update your electrical installation and use Smart Meters you can save even more by increasing your power usage during reduced rates hours -like many utilities across California are offering-. And by reducing the water consumption you will be saving the energy needed to heat and transport it, too. So, in short, choosing the eco-friendly option might not be the cheapest at first, but it turns out to be the most cost-effective in the long run.  

Good for your health

Green insulation is proven better than traditional insulation regarding health issues, as it reduces the generation of toxic gasses and particles that can provoke airways and skin irritation. And that goes for non-toxic eco paints and coatings, too.

Additionally, a good eco-friendly HVAC will help to keep fresh airflow indoor, reducing the risks of allergies and asthma triggered by dust, mold, pests, gasses and odors. Keep in mind that people with perennial allergic rhinitis experience symptoms year-round, caused by sensitivity to indoor pollutants that are avoidable with a clean air environment. If you are planning a complete remodel or an addition you can ask your contractor about the Indoor airPLUS Program.

You should also take a look at green construction materials that don't have as much chemicals as traditional ones. Besides, using them won't just be good for your health, but for all of us. Which brings us to our next point.

Good for the planet

Most of green construction materials are biodegradable, recyclable or safely disposable, and some are even made of post-consumed materials. All of that means that using them reduces the impact of your construction on our environment.

On the other hand, switching to energy efficient HVAC, solar panels, low-flow water fixtures, Energy Star certified lights and appliances you are reducing your household carbon footprint. All of that combined is paying a huge favor to our stressed planet, which could use all the help it can get to be cleaner. Check with your local Communities how you can contribute to environmental causes when remodeling!

Good as an investment

The California Energy Commission put together some programs of incentives, rebates and tax credit to switch to solar energy with minimum or no investment at all for homeowners, making the upgrade more sound than ever from the economic standpoint. Also, the more efficient modern materials are more durable and updatable than ordinary pieces and equipment, so you won’t spend as much in replacements as you will if you choose traditional materials.

And then, let’s remember that realtors confirm that energy efficient updated houses increases their resale value because buyers are aware of the mentioned advantages of going green and are willing to pay extra for the job already done.

Even you are just planning a small update or a complete makeover of your house, choosing a green option from a known experienced company is the best bet you can take. And don’t be tricked with those old and rusty beliefs about it- green is the future!

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