5 things you can do for Earth Day

Posted April 20, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Earth Day, a day created to reflect and bring attention to our planet’s most important problems. But, as important as debating about these issues may be, the day is primarily a great opportunity to take action in favor of a healthy planet. Fortunately, the celebration of Earth Day has grown larger with each passing year and the activities organized to commemorate it has multiplied.

That means that tomorrow you’ll have the possibility to choose from a wide variety of alternatives to show how important our planet is for you. Haven’t decided what to do yet? You’re in luck. Here are 5 ideas from which you can pick the ones that suits you best. The important thing here is for you to actively participate in something and unite your voice with millions of others from around the world to defend our environment.

1 – Attend an Earth Day event

This one is pretty obvious but is one of the most important. Why? Because public demonstrations in favor of our planet and against climate change is the way to prove that our society as a whole is demanding a new direction from the world leaders. Attending one of these events might seem like a minor contribution but there’s a needed strength in numbers to support a fair demand for a better future. You can find an Earth Day event near you by clicking here!

2 – Volunteer in your local community

Feel that you need to do something more than just attending an event? Then you definitely should consider volunteering in an eco-friendly organization in your community. There are certainly lots of things you can do improve your city with a green mind. Join a group and clean a park, walk the streets to raise awareness for recycling or go to a local organization to offer your help for whatever they may need. In fact, you can use this day as a starting point for a continued green effort in your city.

3 – Pledge a green act

You don’t have to leave your home to start making a change for better – you can begin with that change in your own home! How? There are lots of things you can do: start composting, adjust your water heater, plan a reduction in your energy consumption, make a pledge to stop using disposable plastic... Think of Earth Day as the kickoff for a greener lifestyle for you and for those around you.

4 – Sign petitions

Alright, signing an online petition (or twelve, for that matter) might feel like you aren’t doing that much for the environment. While that may seem true, petitions can actually push changes in the political agenda and put urgent environmental issues up for discussion. You can start your day by signing some online petitions you agree on before going out to an event or to help in your community. In that way, you’ll be doing twice as much for our planet!

5 – Donate to a good cause

Just like the petitions, donating to an environmental cause is the little thing that goes a long way. There are some active campaigns to save the Asian elephant and to plant millions of trees in areas that need them desperately. You can also send your money to one of the hundreds of non-profit organizations that need it to work and develop their plans to defend our home, the Earth.

Of course, these are just some ideas of what you can do in such an important day. You can do many other things to celebrate Earth Day in the way is meant to be celebrated: by taking action!

Posted April 20, 2015
by Gabriel Posternak.


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