8 secrets to save money when remodeling

Posted March 22, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

You’ve already gone through all the saving tips on remodeling -like DIY and change the decor-, but you still need to do some home improvement that seems unaffordable? Good news! There are 8 secrets to save money when remodeling that can make those longtime desired projects a reality with your own budget. Read on while we uncover each and every one of them!

1 - Keep plumbing locations

One of the most time and money consuming jobs on a remodel are the plumbing modifications. In our country, all plumbing pipes go inside walls and floors, so changing the location of  faucets, sinks, toilets and tubs/showers can double the needed investment - and you don't want that, do you?

Keep all plumbing as is and upgrade your kitchen or bathrooms with less expensive jobs like changing tiles, refacing cabinets and painting.

2 - Buy clearance materials

Take a trip to the local home improvement stores and go straight to the clearance and outlet section. Browse through the materials to find the one you need in the right quantity and pay just a fraction of the normal retail price.

If you are flexible with the color of the tiles, the material of your fixtures, carpets, etc. you can save tons of money on your remodel -just make sure you can supply the contractor’s calculations and some extra for any contingency that may happen during the works-.

3 - Don’t replace hardwood floors

Traditional hardwood floors are a luxury that can be revamped with some treatment. Consult with a professional about sanding it and refinishing it, and have an amazing space without spending a lot in new flooring. Of course, this will only work if there is no sign of water or termite damage that make them beyond repair.


4 - Paint and change decor

If there is not structural damage, a good paint job and an upgrade in decor can do wonders to some rooms. You can make a room bigger with some tricks -without the need of tearing down walls-, and a lack of natural lighting can be fixed with an upgrade on window treatments -or some French doors in strategic places-.

Ask your designer for ideas before picking the mallet!

5 - Buy discontinued appliances

When you add up to a kitchen remodel budget, appliances can take a good chunk. A nice new kitchen may call for nice new appliances, but they don’t need to be the latest model. With the same spirit of buying materials, ask your retailer for sale and discontinued items and just take care of sizes, finishings and energy efficiency to match the remodel. Brand new doesn’t need to mean latest!

6 - Limit recessed lighting fixtures

Like plumbing, recessed lighting takes a lot of work to install, and that means more materials and hours and money. In addition to the fixtures, there's the labor to cut the holes and insulate them to resist the heat, and you can have the same amount of lumens with wall fixtures or hanging lamps.

Anyway, recessed fixtures are not recommended for every situation, so you might be saving money in remodeling and improving the lighting of your home at the same time.

7 - Plan in advance

There is only one way of catching the best deals in contractors and materials: planning in advance and waiting for the perfect time. Beside emergencies -that are mostly maintenance problems-, you shouldn't take your home improvements in a hurry. Sit with your contractor to make a plan for the work, the calculation of the materials and a desired schedule. That planning can let you buy and store materials and even apply for the perfect financing options and rebates -like energy efficiency incentive programs-.


8 - Hire a good contractor

This is so obvious that seems an unnecessary reminder but… You believe that you save money with an unknown contractor with no references and no office, to soon discover you’ve thrown every penny down the drain. Nightmare stories of jobs half done and contractors disappearing with the down payment and the materials are so very common that you must have plenty among your acquaintances.

An experienced contractor will make the best calculations on materials and will work at the tightest schedule, so there you will save money directly! And remember that you will only be able to apply to financing and incentive programs with all the paperwork in order, so make sure you will have that with your chosen one.

When facing a home improvement, just follow our secrets to save money and the house of your dreams will be closer than you thought!

Posted March 22, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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