Make your windows stand out with these ideas

Posted March 29, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

From the way they display the landscape to the light they bring into the house, windows are an integral part of every room to set the ambience. They are also a piece of decoration, and you can transform their looks and make them stand out with these ideas from the best designers.

Play with the fabric of your drapes and bedding

You can use flat sheets and tablecloth instead of drapes. This broadens the options of color, pattern and fabric for your windows’ dressing.

You can spoil your children with a superhero or princess drapes, made from printed sheets with just stitching some rings to hang them from the existing rods. For the grown-ups, you can have a trendy bedroom with matching linen in various colors that can be changed and machine-washed more frequently.

Change to stained glass to tint the light

A revamped trend in windows is stained glass for windows and doors. You can reglaze your windows keeping the frames with new high tech Low-e glass that serve as decoration while improving their light and heat performance.

You can choose between their multiple designs or made-to-order to fit a custom frame. Add eco-friendly blinds

There are plenty eco-friendly blinds in the market but honeycomb, rattan and bamboo models stand out because they match perfectly with the oriental minimalistic design trend.


Via Gordon's Window Decor

The organic materials of these green blinds reduces the incoming light in the peak hours and provide extra insulation with their thick aired structure. They are great for large windows or fixed window walls to create sectors and half shadows.

Use swing-arm curtains for small windows or French doors

Small windows or french doors are great to display swing-arm curtains.

An array of small windows or skylights will stand out with these curtains or shades that can be opened to capture more sunlight that traditional ones.

These type of rods are also perfect for French doors, because they leave an unobstructed view -while open- that best integrates the two divided spaces, and can hide completely the division when closed.

Apply fretwork screens to create light patterns

A great way to highlight windows with an exotic Moroccan look is apply screens of fretwork or lattice. The light filtered through them creates patterns of shadows that change with the sun.

This artisanal work is usually made of wood or metal and can be very costly so it’s ideal to spaces where it can be well seen and adds to the decoration, more than just reduce the sunlight.

Install exterior louvered shutters

Windows shutters are again in style, so you might consider install them this season. The louvered ones have the advantage of lower the sunlight while let the glass panes opened to catch the breeze.

Adding shutters to all your windows can be quite an investment, but consider that they are useful both in warm and cold seasons and can improve your house insulation. Ask your window services contractor for the best options for financing.


From very cheap and DIY project to the most exclusive workmanship there are lots of options to pimp up your windows to the latest fashion. Which one is for you? Tell us in the comments below.

Posted March 29, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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