Why Concrete Floors Are Also Great For Your Home’s Interiors

Posted November 28, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

When you own a home and are considering hiring a remodeling company, why not look to hire a green remodeling company? Your first thought might be that you don’t know enough about green materials, or you are not all that into environmental friendliness. However, before you make a quick decision or judgement, think about the benefits of doing a home repair the green way.

Everything in your home has the capability to become a green project, whether it is a new cork wall or a concrete floor. Many homeowners are seeking to make upgrades in their homes that are both economically and sustainably reasonable. Homeowners today must be cautious of their hard-earned dollars, so a few upgrades here and there are a good choice.

One of the biggest upgrades a homeowner can make is in the area of bathroom or kitchen. Next, however, it's the flooring of your home. A floor replacement or floor repair can change the entire look of a home. And while there are tons of alternatives and materials you can use for that, today we're going to make the case for one particular option that not many people have in mind when remodeling interior flooring - we're talking about concrete! Why should you pick it? Keep reading!

It's sustainable

Concrete floors are eco-friendly. Concrete does not deplete any source of natural materials from the earth. The even better news about concrete floors is that they don’t harbor any VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These emissions are dangerous for your health and for your respiratory wellness. Concrete does not contain them and concrete is eco-friendly, so we're off to a good start.

It Works Great As Mold Inhibitor

Concrete prevents mold from growing. Imagine sitting around on the floor and watching your favorite television show and not having to worry about whether or not your flooring is emitting VOCs or growing mold. That's perfect not just for you but for your whole family (especially if you have little children that crawl around your floors during the day). Mold can be very dangerous for your health, so concrete scores another point by preventing its growth.

It's Bacteria-Free

It not just a matter of mold, really. Concrete is great for indoor flooring because it inhibits  bacteria, odors and emissions from causing illness to you and your family inside your home. There are plenty of sustainable floors that can do that for you, but concrete floors have the added benefit of being extemely durable. That's yet another point for concrete floors.

It Helps To Control Air Temperature

Concrete is great for controlling air temperature. How's that? Because warm and cold air that enters through the windows and doors is easily absorbed by concrete. In that way, a concrete floor begins to play a major role in controlling your indoor temperature and keeping it stabler and more comfortable throughout the day and no matter the season.

It's Decorative

Concrete can be laid on top of existing flooring to give an old floor a new finish or look. It also has come a long way from the early days of only one choice of gray. There are many different colors, and textures, as well. You can choose to create a concrete floor look with a stamped pattern on it or go for a smooth and polished, finished look. These many options make it a great alternative for people that still dismiss it as a dull material. There's nothing dull about concrete if you have the proper concrete contractor, one that's able to provide you with new finishes and colors!In fact, if you already have a concrete floor in your home, you can choose to re-decorate it with many choices of stain or finish.

Not only is concrete eco-friendly, but it is also stylish, as well. Concrete floors will help promote a healthier, greener and more sustainable living environment for you and your family. Don’t be surprised if your guests come into your home and can’t believe their eyes when you tell them your floor is made of concrete.

Photo Credit by Brett and Sue Coulstock - CC BY 2.0

Posted November 28, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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