Posted May 05, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Go green this Mother's Day with these presents!

Next Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day and what’s better than show our love for her and to Mother Earth at the same time! Get your kids and start some of these decor projects, using common household waste, to make the nicest green presents.

Decor with used glass jars

Transparent jars is something you can easily find in every home. Glass jars are the best option, but clear plastic ones can do the trick in most cases.


Look at these beautiful centerpieces, made out of glass jars and glitter. For this project you will need, jars -glass or plastic-, Mod Podge glue, glitter powder in different colors, masking tape, a paint brush and some papers -used newspapers or used grocery paper bag are enough-. For full step by step instructions, follow this link. Another option to upcycle glass jars are make them picture frames. I am sure you see them around already in magazines and decor shops, but they are as easy to make as this girl explains in the video.


Recycling bottles

Again, bottles are a common waste -either glass or plastic- and can be transformed in great Mother’s Day crafts. If you have clear glass bottles, like the ones from white wine or liquor, you can paint them from the inside to make gorgeous vases or candlesticks without cutting. To see the technique and know wich paint to choose, take a look at this link. You can use this instructions to paint glass jars, too!


If you have plastic bottles, there are plenty of arts projects for small kids. One of the simplest is a colorful flower, that will only need some help from you with the scissors. Make sure you use non-toxic paints or just non-toxic colored glue so everybody can play safe and green! For older kids, you can up your game with this vase with woven border, this nice mini flower pots or the very trendy wall flower vase inside a frame.


I know what you are thinking… those don’t look like kids crafts! Yes, they can make a nice decor for bathroom or kitchen, right?


Upcycle your tin cans

CIMG3218klSome leftover paint, decoupage and a finishing coat can do wonders to some used tin cans of every size. For smaller ones, try this desk organizer with a vintage look, for a very romantic mother, or apply some tiles and caulk to make this cute pencil holders.

We always mention the bathroom storage space, and that large cans can come to the rescue as towel holders. Or you can use array of the smallest tins as a wall organizer that every mother will love.DIY-home-decoration-color

As you can see, you can have a greener Mother’s Day reusing and recycling and sharing some fun time with the kids. Happy Mother’s Day!

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