Posted May 27, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

10 Easy Ways To Live An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

It’s one thing to say that you live a green lifestyle with an energy efficient home and a great care for everything you do on a daily basis. But actually living that life can be quite different. We aren't saying you don't have a sustainable lifestyle but perhaps you forgot about something you could improve to make your routine even greener.

Don’t know where to start? Well, here are 10 easy ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle in your daily life!

  1. Don’t remodel if you can refurbish. This is an important tip because some home improvement projects offer much in the way of refurbishing rather than remodeling. Remodeling costs time, money and materials. These materials can be preserved and the environment will be better off for it. No new cabinets means one less tree is sacrificed. Think about how many natural resources you can save by refurbishing something rather than renovating it completely.
  2. Look into energy efficiency for your appliances. If your home is like many others, you have not yet upgraded your appliances to a more energy-efficient alternatives. Now is a perfect time to do so! By doing that, your new appliances will not only be pertinent to your remodel, but also to your new green lifestyle.
  3. Go green and go big. If you are considering expanding your living space, you don’t necessarily have to do an expensive addition. Why not go green and recreate the space first? You can recreate a room by adding eco-friendly options such as rugs, flooring and furniture. You will save natural resources and incorporate more green into your lifestyle.
  4. Grow some green. If you really want to savor the green lifestyle, why not grow a garden? If you are not interested in growing vegetables, why not try flowers? If you choose to do so, then remember to use a rain barrel or greywater for watering it, since you’ll preserve water as well.
  5. Go green and get clean. If you have not yet, why not make your own cleaning products or buy green cleaning products for your home? The Internet is filled with DIY recipes made out of ingredients you surely have at home. Try one and see how great - and eco-friendly - they are!shutterstock_84529267
  6. Hire a green landscaper. If you are not familiar with which plants are native to your community and how you can create a green landscape for your home, you may want to hire a landscaper that is familiar with greener options.
  7. Don’t forget to take your shoes off. When you arrive home, it’s best to remove your shoes so that you don’t track all the outdoor pollutants into your home. You won't have a mess inside your house and you'll have to clean less!
  8. Insulate/Insulate/Insulate. Don’t forget to insulate your home if you are doing a new home remodel project. When you insulate, you keep energy inside your home which of course means you’ll use a lot less. In turn, a lower consumption will ultimately cut your bills, which is another incetive to start insulating right now.
  9. Pay attention to what you spray in your home. If you use sweet smelling fragrances to make your home smell good or sprays to keep pests away, then consider using options that have all natural ingredients. Additionally, you can ditch them altogether and start using plants and natural predators for a more organic effect!
  10. Once you de-clutter, stay that way. If you have taken the time and trouble to de-clutter, consider how you can stay that way – go green and consume less in the way of goods and products. This is a wonderful way to incorporate green living into your lifestyle once and for all.

If you are able to check all of these points in your daily routine, then you'll have made a huge contribution to a cleaner world. Don't fear to make a change for better - start going green now!

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