10 Home Maintenance Tips For Spring

Posted March 24, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

The spring is slowly streching its legs but we're still far from those nice temperatures that makes us forget the cold winter claw. Wouldn't you want those warmer days were here already? If so, you are not alone. While visions of daffodils and greener grass may come to mind, you may want to think about home maintenance tips for spring, as well.

More than just spring cleaning, green tips on how to incorporate home energy efficiency and proper maintenance will make your home and your spring more enjoyable. Here are ten home maintenance tips for spring.

  • Conserving Water in Spring
  • Consider using a rain barrel. A rain barrel collects water from Mother Nature. A great way to use a rain barrel is to set it up under one of your downspouts. Just turn the spigot and fill up your watering can and water for free using the rain.


  • Another tip to consider when it comes to saving water in spring is to take short, quick showers instead of tub baths.
  • Washing Machine
  • What about hand washing an item or two in a small basin of water rather than running a whole load for such a small batch of items?
  • Dishwasher
  • Also, you can use recycled paper plates instead of running the dishwasher.
  • What about Saving Gas?
  • Spring is the perfect time to clean up the barbecue and start using it. An old fashioned briquette barbecue will do wonders for your spirit and save energy as well.


  • Instead of baking cakes, turn to your outdoor firepit for some good old fashioned S’mores.
  • Cook a little extra for leftovers the next day instead of turning on your gas stove.
  • If you have a gas dryer, try hanging things on a clothes line.
  • Get Your Pool Ready
  • Try using a solar cover this year to heat your pool. Let the power of the sun warm up your pool.
  • Be diligent about cleaning your pool – the less leaves, twigs, and even bugs in your pool the less you have to run the filter and you can save energy.
  • Use a timer for off-peak hours and don’t forget to shut the filter down while away on vacation.
  • Keep Your Gutters Clean
  • It is important to keep your gutters clean. Clean out your gutters from debris that may have gathered during winter such as leaves and twigs. This will keep water running smoothly away and down as intended.


  • Use Natural Sunlight Where Appropriate
  • Try to open curtains to let the sunshine in or begin to remove heavier winter drapery and replace with lighter summer curtains. If possible, explore the option of skylights and even solar panels. You might be surprised at the savings on energy you will accrue throughout the years.
  • Shut the Doors and Windows
  • If you use your air conditioner – whether it is in the wall or a whole house system – you will want to make certain to close doors and windows. Keep on top of everyone in the house to make sure they are not wasting energy either.
  • Turn out the Lights Now that The Sun is Shining More
  • While you may be in the habit of turning the lights on at 4:00 every afternoon, pay attention to how much more sunlight you are actually receiving and leave those lights off for longer. Also, you may want to remember to change whatever timers you have for outdoor lighting to come on as well.


  • Go Paperless this Spring
  • Sign up for paperless billing this spring and save some trees.

Do you have any green spring maintenance tips? Share them with us!

Posted March 24, 2015
by Gabriel Posternak.


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