Posted February 25, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

6 Bay Area Companies that will help you go green(er)

Continuing the series we’ve begun with the green companies in San Diego and keeping with its spirit to help you achieve a green lifestyle, today we bring you a new list of companies with sustainable products. This time, the green companies are in the Bay Area and have a few great surprises for you – and the environment! – to take advantage from.

The Plum Organic Beauty

The Plum is yet another proof that going green isn’t just a trend but a way to understand how to do business that’s here to stay. This organic salon wants to provide you with the greatest hair services and products available while keeping its impact on the environment to the minimum. Its idea is to support both local and global eco-friendly initiatives as a part of its plan to make you look and feel great. That’s why its treatments use only organic and natural products that will give you the same results as if you were using the traditional chemical products.

Amour Vert

Amour Vert is French for Green Love, quite an statement for this clothing company that’s one of many in its field to subscribe to the smart fashion trend. Basically, this store carefully keeps an eye in all of the process, from the manufacturing of each of its products and the selection of the sustainable materials with which they are made to the integrity of the supply chain. But that’s not all. As a part of its “Plant a t(r)ee” campaign, each tee you buy in Amour Vert will turn into a tree for North America, thanks to its partnership with American Forests, a leader in forest restoration.

Hugh Groman Catering

Want to wow the guests to your next party? Then perhaps you should call Hugh Groman Catering, a one-of-a-kind service in the Bay Area. This company offers exceptional food that fuses the best of French, Italian and Spanish cuisine with some other international influences while using San Francisco’s own natural ingredients. That should be enough to label this catering as eco-friendly but there’s more. The company compost all of its food scraps, recycles its plastics and cans and has advanced water and lighting equipment to save energy. And, at customer request, it even uses disposable paper plates, which are completely biodegradable!


Local Greens

Local Greens is a growing company that also specializes in food but in a slightly different way. Basically, this company focuses on green farming, using techniques that go beyond conventional farming. Thus, it uses minimal water and low energy while also getting rid of chemicals compounds to grow the food. Additionally, the company strives to serve commercial customers and institutions within 20 miles of each of their facilities, thus eliminating the need for long transportation. Be sure to look for its products next time you’re shopping!


The Plant

The Plant is yet another option when thinking in organic food in the Bay Area. This cafe also focus on locally produced organic food with a preference for contemporary California cuisine with traces of Asian flavors. Its menu ranges from juices and smoothies to salads, sandwiches and fresh seafood, providing alternatives for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans. The most important of all is that The Plant produces its food with the greenest materials and processes while avoiding chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Besides, its food it’s seasonally fresh, which means you’ll get the greatest taste you can have!

Bay Area Green Cleaning

As you’ve surely guessed from the name, Bay Area Green Cleaning is a company that focuses in cleaning your home in an eco-friendly way. This doesn’t just mean that the company uses less poisonous chemicals or more energy-efficient equipment. It means that its employees are trained in the bet procedures to protect the environment while providing the best clean service there is. Besides, Bay Area Green Cleaning won’t just clean your house – it’ll also help you to understand how you can improve your habits to reduce the amount of cleaning you need. That’s because green cleaning isn’t about cleaning more with greener products –it’s about cleaning less altogether.


California is embracing a greener lifestyle that’s beginning to be reflected in businesses and their policies. Fortunately, the Bay Area is taking huge steps in this process and now has lots of options for you to choose from. Keep them in mind when you need these services!

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