6 Los Angeles Companies that will help you go green(er)

Posted March 08, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

The third post of the sustainable products and services for a green lifestyle bring us to Los Angeles, a city that’s bursting with companies with an eco-friendly approach to business. And though some of them might get lost among the many many options in their respective fields, trying to locate them is always a good advice. So, here are 6 of those green companies in Los Angeles that you can’t overlook.

Green Clean

We’ve seen other green cleaning services in this series before, but it’s always great to have one nearby. That’s why if you’re living in Los Angeles you should think in Green Clean when in need of this kind of services. This company doesn’t just offer great cleaning services at competitive prices but also a green conscious that will impact on the way you live. Its employees use eco-friendly products and techniques to ensure you get a spotless home without suffering from the subtle attack of harmful chemicals. Additionally, they’ll be glad to give you tips on how to keep your house clean, reducing the need for frequent cleanings.


No green lifestyle would be complete without an eco-friendly food alternative. And that’s what Forage is for! A family-owned restaurant that focus in local food, Forage aims to provide you with the highest quality dishes at a very reasonable price. But the most important thing is that this restaurant works with local farms and farmers to get the best local ingredients. That means that they don’t need to be transported from very far (with all the negative environmental impact that causes) and that all dishes are very fresh.


Elf Cafe

If you want a more exotic and veggie-like menu than that offered by the Forage, then you surely have to check the Elf Cafe. The vegetarian restaurant will amaze you with its Mediterranean cuisine that shines from brunches to dinners. Exotic and European flavors are greatly combined with natural wines, which are manufactured by vineyards with sustainable winemaking methods. Thus, you’ll have a taste feast with some of LA’s best dishes accompanied while keeping your green conscious at ease.


Green Line Beauty

You don’t have to forget about the environment to stay beautiful and fresh: that’s why you have Green Line Beauty for! This company is the greatest for those who want to look astonishing without having to sacrifice their eco-friendliness. That’s because the company’s line of skin care and cosmetics are made from pure, natural and organic compounds that won’t only bring out the best of you but that will also take care of the environment! Get rid of cosmetics with artificial preservatives, pretrochemicals, artificial colorants and animal ingredients. Green Line Beauty only uses therapeutic ingredients, made by other companies committed to the wellbeing of our environment.


Are you considering a home improvement project? Then maybe you want to visit LivingGreen, a neat company for all your building materials and décor needs. Remodeling your home or just a part of it it’s a huge deal in which you have to consider the green alternatives. That’s precisely where this company comes in. With its wide array of paintings, floorings, furniture, gifts and cleaning products, LivingGreen is one of the most perfect places you can go if you want to support an eco-friendly company with green products for your home.


Having immigrated from one of Mexico’s rural areas, CiscoHome’s founder had one thing in mind: to bring the green spirit that surrounded him as a child to the heart of Los Angeles. That’s why CiscoHome has such a strong focus on offering organic furniture. Thus, all of the products in its catalog have an alternative building method that uses FSC woods, natural latex, jute, hemp, wool and goose feathers to avoid using toxic chemicals. In this way, CiscoHome doesn’t just provides you with good-looking furniture but also with objects made out of sustainable sources.

LA is filled with companies that are taking steps to go fully green. And they aren’t that hard to find! Just keep your eyes open and use the Web to find those nearer to you. Oh, and stay online for more entries on this series!

Posted March 08, 2015
by Gabriel Posternak.


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