Posted May 22, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

8 tips for an easy summer home maintenance

Open your windows and let the warm air come into your home, announcing that summer is coming this way! The hot season is about to begin and you and your house should be preparing for it. Spring cleaning time has come and gone and maybe your home is now spotless. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry. That’s why we’ve compiled this list to help you with your summer maintenance, since it will serve both as a reminder and as an aid for each task. Let’s do this!

1 – Check your roof

Ideally, you’ll check on your roof regularly to avoid any potential troubles. But, hey, forgetting to do so is very common! So, you can make this your first task before the summer. You should check for tiny leaks, loose tiles or damaged membranes. It doesn’t have to look like a big mess – all huge roofing troubles start very small. Don’t overlook any corner and replace any element that’s too worn out before it becomes a major issue. If you aren’t certain about the current state of your roof, your best option is to have a roofing contractor check it for you.

2 – Clean your gutters

Since you’re already up there, you should definitely take a look at your gutters to see if they are leaky or clogged. Although it’s highly recommended to clean them as regularly as you possibly can, you should do it at least twice a year –after all the autumn leaves have fallen and after all spring flowers, seeds and blossoms are off. As you can see, that time is upon us, so grab your trowel and gloves and start scooping away.


After you’ve taken all of the debris out of your gutters, flush them with a garden hose to completely clean them. Don’t forget downspouts! Hosing your gutters will also let you check for leaks, which should be repaired as quickly as you spot them. Finally, you can even buy a mesh to cover your gutters and prevent future clogs. Once you’ve done with this cleaning, you’ll probably will want to do that.

3 – Tune up your HVAC

Though you should spend most of the summer out of your house enjoying the good ol’ outdoors, you’ll probably be indoors a lot – with the heat and all, that’s even understandable. Of course, staying put means that you’ll have your HVAC running (hopefully with enough responsibility). The suggestion here is obvious – get your HVAC system checked now and avoid problems when you need it. A professional should inspect its refrigerant levels, how clean are the coils and its wiring. Oh, and also keep an eye on your air filters. Changing them regularly is a must for your AC to run smoothly.

4 – See how your windows and doors are doing

The heat will stay outside only if you worry enough to prevent from getting into your home. That’s why is super important to check one of the most often overlooked parts of the house – windows and doors. Examine them to look for cracks and leaks where the air might be coming in and caulk as needed. Also take a look to weather-stripping and replace it if you see that’s broken or worn out. Since you’re at it, clean all of its corners and get dust out with a little brush to ensure all windows and doors are closing properly.

5 – Inspect your dryer vent

Perhaps you don’t know it, but an unattended dryer vent could bring your house down by causing a fire. That’s because they get clogged with lint and dust, which is a really dangerous combination that could spark any minute in a hot day. Fortunately for you, you can take care of it fairly easy. Just get yourself a vent-cleaning brush kit and begin scrubbing! Start with the dryer’s lint trap and then take out the dryer altogether for a full duct cleaning. Don’t forget to clean the outside vent as well!


6 – Wash your exteriors

Since you are already out to clean the vent, you should take your pressure washer with you. Since you’ll be making barbecues and sitting in your lawn a lot during the hot the days, you’ll want to make your house look its best. That’s what pressure washing is for! Just make sure to cover electrical outlets, windows and doors and start removing stains and mildew. If you have the money and want to make your home look amazing for this summer, you can follow the washing with some vibrant painting – your neighbors won’t believe their eyes when they see the results!

7 – Make your deck shine

Your deck can become the star of this summer, an amazing place to hang out with friends and have a cold one. Of course, for that to happen, you’ll need it to be in great shape. In other words, you’ll have to examine all of its boards to detect where wood is curling, cracking or rotting. Found any? It’s time to replace it with a newer one! Additionally, you should check the deck from underneath to ensure that the structure is still solid, the nails are all in place and there aren’t pests eating it away. Finally, you can even refinish the deck for a shinier and eye-catching look. Sand it, remove the old finish and apply the new one.

8 – Pay attention to your pool

Summer means one thing – it’s pool time! If you’re lucky enough to have one at home, then the time has come to check that everything’s alright with it. You’ll have quite a task ahead of you, since you’ll have to clean it, level the water, check the pumps and mix the chemicals to keep the water crystal clear. Remember, all of these are better when done with some anticipation, so don’t it’s best if you start with them now and not the same day you want to take a dive.


We know that all of these mean you’ll have to work hard for some days. But the results will be astonishing and you’ll feel glad you took all the trouble to prepare your home for summer. So, get out of the computer and get to work right now!

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