Posted September 21, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

How to choose the perfect roofing material for your home

Picking the right roofing material for your home remodeling can be a tricky process. As with all things related to home remodeling, making the perfect choice involves balancing style, utility and budget. Of course, getting that balance is what makes choosing a roofing material so hard. And with  a subject that’s so overlooked in the remodeling world, the choice is sometimes harder.

That’s why we thought about creating this brief and handy guide to help you consider your options. So, read on and find which roof is going to be your next one!

Where to start?

Among the many things you should consider, the first one is definitely this – are you building a new home or remodeling your current one? This is a very important question because your options will be different for one or the other.

 A new home has a wider array of choices, since you haven’t built anything yet. So, you can pick whatever roof you want and adjust the rest of the house accordingly. Of course, you should make your decision at the earliest, since the roof’s weight bill be taken into account into the home’s structural calculations.

A remodeling is different precisely for that. Your current home’s structure may not be able to hold certain roofing materials’ weight, so there’s a defining factor that will impact your choice. Ignoring this can resent your home’s structure and make some serious damage that will cost you a ton. So, be sure to make an informed decision when re-reroofing because ignoring this will certainly give you some headaches in the future.

After sorting out that question, there’s the matter of cost and design. Both things will play a huge role in your choice. Your budget can limit your possibilities while your home’s style will leave others out. If money isn’t a problem for you, then it’s all about the design. So, let’s check out some of the most popular and common alternatives, since reviewing all the available options in the market would be practically impossible.

Asphalt shingles

One of the most common roofing materials in America, asphalt shingles are the perfect choice for the budget conscious. They are easy to install, they come in a lot of textures and colors and they are very durable. Of course, things aren’t all good – these shingles aren’t the most environmentally friendly around. Additionally, they decay pretty easily in areas with abrupt changes of weather.

Wood shakes

When it comes to stylish options, wood shake is one of the best. They don’t just look good – they are also great for insulation. Unfortunately, these shingles are expensive, they are a fire hazard and there’s always the possibility of them getting mold or being infected with insects. That’s not all – they aren’t that durable since they deteriorate faster than other options.


Concrete tiles are a strong alternative for people looking for tiles and new stylish options include some that look like wood shake, so there’s that. Unfortunately, they are heavier than the other options. Clay tiles, for their part, are lighter and don’t decay easily and are great for fire-prone regions. Basically, tiles are resistant to fire, rot, moisture and insects and they also provide some insulation in extreme weather conditions. The downside? You’ll have to spend a little more to buy it.

Metal roofing

Attractive, colorful and lightweight, metal is the durable roofing choice for those looking for durability. It isn’t affected by weather, it isn’t attacked by rot and insects and they are perfect to keep your home cool. However, metal roofs are among the most expensive alternatives in the market and they can be pretty noisy.


If budget isn’t getting on your way, slate is the way to go. Incredibly durable and with an amazing natural look, slate roofing is easy to maintain and repair so you won’t have any problems at all. Additionally, slate comes in different colors, which makes it perfect to fit all kinds of styles. Of course, you’ll have to make your home’s structure a bit stronger before installing this, since slate is very heavy.


Solar is one of the hottest trends today – and for a reason. They are cheaper now than ever and they can generate some needed electricity for your home. They look sleek and can be installed with any house style. They are expensive, sure, but they’ll be an investment that will pay for itself over the years – and you’ll be making a change for the better too!

This very brief guide is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to roofing materials. The market is now filled with alternatives for all kinds of requirements, styles and budgets. The idea is for this article to spark your interest and make you research that’s as important as any other home remodeling subject. Be sure to explore it even more – or ask us anything you may need. We’ll be happy to help!

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