How to plant and take care of your Giant Sequoia

Posted April 05, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

You already know that we here at Treeium love the environment and do everything we can to take care of it. What you probably don’t know is that, besides building with green materials and eco-friendly processes, we also celebrate the completion of each of our projects with a very special gift for our clients: a baby Giant Sequoia!

Thus, we encourage our customers to plant the world’s largest tree and oldest living thing as a reminder of their #Change4Better. Besides, by doing so, we spread the joy we get when we work in our soil. And as if all that wasn’t enough, our gift is contributing –albeit slightly – to reduce carbon emissions and keeping the air clean for generations to come.

That’s why we want all of our clients to cherish their Sequoias and make them grow! And though Giant Sequoias are hardy enough to grow well in virtually any climate, they certainly need some special care, particularly when they are growing up. So, we’ve compiled a rather brief guide to help you take care of this gift that, in turn, will take care of you and your family for years and years.

Learning a little about your Sequoia

Giant Sequoias are massive indeed. They grow an average height of 164 – 280 ft and over 56 ft in diameter. They can grow for hundreds of years: proof of that is that the oldest known Sequoia has an astonishing 3,500 years old based on ring count! Besides, they are green as they are elder. These trees are evergreen, which means you’ll enjoy their green awl-shaped leaves all year long, all the days of your life.

Haven't seen a Giant Sequoia in real life? Then there's a journey that's definitely waiting for you: a trip to the Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park, a magic place where you'll be able to take a stroll in nature's kingdom and see over 8,000 Giants Sequoias in all of their majesty!giant-sequoia-treeium

Taking care of your Sequoia seedling

You might feel tempted to plant your Giant Sequoia right after the Treeium contractor left. Don’t do it! While we understand your excitement, our gift isn’t quite ready to go to its permanent spot just yet. You have to nurture it first in a more controlled environment before taking it to what will turn out to be its home for the next centuries.

So, gently pull out the tree from our package and remove the protective layer around the roots. Now put the tree in a glass of water but be sure to just immerse the roots in it. Leave it there for an hour. You can use that time to prepare a 2+ gallon container with high quality soil – this will serve as a transitory home for your Sequoia.

Once you have it, dig a hole of 3” in diameter and 8” deep, which will be the spot where you place your tree. Have the hour gone already? Then take the Sequoia to the container, put it in the hole and fill in with soil around it. Finally, pour some more water in the soil. But wait! You’re not done yet.

Now will be the time to look for a well-lit location in your home to make the tree grow. If you live in an extremely cold area (below 15º F), search an unheated room like a garage, a mud room or the basement. On the contrary, if you live in a very hot region (above 98º F), you can take it outside as long as you put the container in a morning sun area where it’s protected from the drying wind.


You can rest for now. The months to come will have you watering the tree only when the soil is almost completely dry. When you have to, water the container to complete saturation. Just remember that overwatering your Sequoia can kill it, so do it only when you must. You’re also welcome to use high-nitrogen and time-release fertilizers in this stage. In fact, you should definitely do so, since they will make your tree grow strong.

Preparing to plant your Giant Sequoia

Your tree has grown so much that you are afraid that it will break your container? It is taller than your children? Then it’s ready for its permanent home! Naturally, transplanting your Sequoia isn’t just about digging a hole and putting the tree there. You have to find the perfect place to put it because otherwise you might end up killing it or it may end up blocking or even destroying a part of your house! We already told you – these are really BIG trees.

Which is the perfect spot? The one that has a good drainage and good sunlight, since those are the two most important things for it to grow. Additionally, if you live in a cold weather, you should be sure to protect your tree from the winds, which can be extremely harsh during winter – and awfully tough on a growing Sequoia. Finally, double check you haven’t picked a spot near buildings, power lines or other trees. In fact, you should plant it in a location at least 12’ away from any of those.

You have your strong Sequoia, you have your optimal space. Now it’s time to take it to the ground! Ideally, you should make the transplant in the fall, since it’s the best season for it (spring comes in second). Avoid doing it in the summer and especially in the winter, since you can kill the tree, even in this advanced stage of its development.

Prepare your chosen spot by cleaning all the vegetation and anything you find in it. Then, dig a hole that’s slightly bigger than your tree’s root ball and put the tree in it. Add a mixture of surrounding soil, compost and sand around the roots to optimize the environment in which your Sequoia will grow. As a final touch, water your tree as thoroughly as you can and do so whenever you see fit. Now, it’ll be time to step back and enjoy the growth of your Giant Sequoia!

A few words about our gift

Perhaps you can’t plant the tree after we give it to you. Maybe you don’t have the space, or don’t have the tools or whatever. Don’t despair! You can still keep it for a month without any extra care at room temperature. In fact, you can keep it below the 50º F to make them last even longer! In that time, you surely can find a way to plant it – or someone that can happily take it from you to plant it elsewhere.

The package was designed to maintain the trees almost indefinitely with very little care. You just have to moisturize the roots when they are too dry – a teaspoon of water to the roots will be enough! Be sure to recap the package after you’re done. Normally, doing this will give the tree the necessary moisture to last a couple of weeks more.

One final advice: beware of molds. It isn’t as hard as you think! You only have to keep the tree away from moist environments and warm conditions and you’ll be ok. Be sure to keep the foliage dry, too, since molds love to grow on them. If you do all these, you’ll certainly keep your Giant Sequoia alive until the moment you find the perfect place for it.

Giant Sequoias are a marvelous thing. They are impressively tall, help to clean a lot of air and can live for thousands of years. Don’t you think it’s a great gift? And we aren’t saying that just because it’s ours but because we feel that the best gifts are the ones that are enjoyed by you as well as Mother Earth and our future generations. Hope you feel the same way!

Posted April 05, 2015
by Gabriel Posternak.


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