St. Patrick's Day: How To Go Green On This Green Day

Posted March 16, 2015 by Gabriel Posternak

If you are like most people living in colder climates, spring cannot come fast enough. Spring brings beauty, warmth and nature, as well as some fun holidays to celebrate. St. Patrick’s Day surely is among the best ones, thanks to its festive nature and the friendliness of everyone around.

Of course, there are various ways of celebrating it. But what about celebrating it differently this year? Would you like to make a change for the better and incorporate a green lifestyle into your St. Patrick’s Day? If so, here are some tips on how to go greener and make a difference with sustainable living in the greenest of days.

Green Charities

What better way to incorporate a green way of life than to join or assist a charitable cause that enhances and promotes sustainability? Look in your area for a fun run on behalf of the environment with all proceeds going to the organization running it.

Plant Something Green

Why not contact local charities in your area to find out how to plant something new – whether it is a rooftop garden or new sapling – in honor of St. Patrick’s Day? Maybe you can have it dedicated back to your Irish roots by incorporating a namesake plaque, as well.

Grow an Organic Garden

Try your hand at growing an organic garden this spring. Make certain that you have a “Green” section in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. For example, you could plant leafy green lettuce, green peppers, and some basil.

Choose Organic Clothing

Wherever you go on St. Patrick’s Day – whether it is to church or to a party somewhere – make certain you wear organic clothing made from renewable and organic fibers. If you have never tried wearing organic clothing, set aside this one particular day to see what it feels like to go green and go organic on St. Patrick’s Day.

Host Your Own Go Green St. Patrick’s Day Party

Host your own Go Green St. Patrick’s Day Party by using invitations from recycled paper. You can also use recycled paper products such as plates, as well. Cook with as many green items as you can which naturally are all organically grown. Add basil and parsley to many of your dishes for the mandatory green touch!


Volunteer to Clean up the Beach

If you live near the beach, gather together with a group or organization to start a beach cleanup that day. If there is no such gathering, start your own. Then go out and celebrate the day together as a group.

Declutter Your Home and Office

If you have clutter hanging around, this is a great time to incorporate spring cleaning and going green. For some people, rituals such as changing batteries in smoke alarms are associated with changing the clock. If you do not go out and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and find yourself at home, why not get rid of some clutter, the green way?

Clean out your garage and see if you have any scrap metal you can recycle. Sort your recyclables and get them to the nearest recycle center. Additionally, make sure you give away clothing that you no longer use instead of throwing it away.

Go Smooth

If you do celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, why not start the day with a green smoothie? Try using different ingredients such as spinach, lime, or basil. Experiment until you find what works for you.


If you are planning to grow and maintain a garden, why not use all those leftover banana peels and coffee grinds to fertilize your garden? You will keep those things out of the landfill while also using them to fertilize your garden without pesticides.


So, what green things are you going to take on this St. Patrick’s Day? Feel free to share and add your comments.

Posted March 16, 2015
by Gabriel Posternak.


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