Posted March 28, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Spring cleaning - 7 unusual ways to clean your home

We all love a good thorough Spring cleaning to get rid of the dirt left from months of cold weather and closed windows. Unfortunately, with the first dusting comes the always-present tenacious stains that need more attention. Before spending a lot on chemicals that can be irritant or harmful for the environment, take a look at this list we put together with 7 unusual ways to clean your home easily with things you already have in storage.

1 - Kill that ring around the toilet

Specially in hard-water areas, a nasty ring can appear around the toilet bowl. To easily remove it, sprinkle a couple of lemonade Kool Aid envelopes, let it sit, brush the sides a little and flush for a spotless result. For full instructions, check this link.


2 - Magically clean stained marble and granite countertops

A stained countertop can look anew with and ancient remedy: a poultice made from all-purpose flour and peroxide or dishwashing liquid. Make the paste, apply to the stain, let it dry and scrape the dried material to reveal the clean surface. For full instructions, check this link.


3 - Easyly polish silver and plated ornaments

This old trick can save you money and let you avoid the smelly silver polish cream. Use a dab of toothpaste over the tarnished surface, rub with a cloth or a paper towel, rinse and dry to recover your shining silver piece. This can work to clean jewelry too! For full instructions, check the following video.

4 - Simple mix to clean and disinfect garbage disposal

A disgusting garbage bin can be cleaned and disinfected almost without touching. Mix water, baking soda and dish soap directly inside the can and let it sit for an hour, rub with a clean toilet brush or a sponge and flush with a garden hose.

Sprinkling baking soda in the bottom of the bin or between layers of waste can keep your garbage disposal odour-free. For full instructions, check this link.


5 - Erase carpet stains without chemicals and like a pro

You won’t need a professional cleaning service to erase a few stains from your carpet. Mix ¼ of white vinegar and ¾ of water, sprinkle the mixture heavily over the stains, cover them with a terry towel and iron with the highest temperature and level of steam to get rid of them in a twist. For more details, check this link.


6 - Scrub greasy appliances and fixtures without cleaning products

An out-of-reach fixture or the top of cabinets and appliances can get too greasy and difficult to clean without irritant cleaning products. The trick is rubbing the dirty surfaces with baby oil and a paper towel till it shines, and get rid of the excess oil by spraying with the same water-vinegar mixture you use with the carpet and dry. For full instructions, check this link.


7 - Get rid of wood blemish with what you have in your kitchen

The missing coasters for glasses and cups left wooden furniture with horrible rings that can be fixed with a potion made from olive oil and regular table salt. Mixed the two products to make a paste, rub lightly, let stand for 1 hour and clean with a cloth. Even if still noticeable, most blemish disappear magically with the passing of time with no further treatment. For full instructions, check this link.


You can see with these tips that a deep cleaning can be done with common products that are harmless and ecological with astonishing results. Keep this list at hand to get rid of the most persistent stains in the future, not only this Spring.

Do you have any other cleaning trick to share with us? Leave it in the comment section below!

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