Posted July 23, 2019 by Giuliano Franchi

Five Eco-Friendly Ways To Enhance Your Home’s Landscaping This Summer

Summer is here in California and it’s time to get outside! The backyard is where memories are made at the family home, and many homeowners today are seeking ways to create a liveable and comforting outdoor environment for their family and friends.

There are many different directions a homeowner can take when looking to remodel their backyard or add some new landscaping elements. At Treeium, we do things the eco-friendly way and help you create the backyard of your dreams while also helping mother nature thrive.


Here are five eco-friendly ways to enhance your home’s landscaping this summer!

1. Firepit

Not only does a firepit add a comforting aesthetic, but is an inclusive space that all of your guests will want to sit next to.

Whether you’re engaging in deep conversation, roasting marshmallows, or reminiscing on the good old days, a firepit is a welcome addition to any backyard. Furthermore, stone and gas fireplaces are durable and have little to no impact on the environment.

2. Solar Outdoor Lighting

Solar outdoor lighting is a great way to keep family and friends outdoors on a warm California evening, long after the sun goes down.

Solar outdoor lighting is an excellent replacement for incandescent light fixtures, generating their own power during the day, then releasing it at night. Solar lights can replace walkway lighting, light posts, and even the lighting used to illuminate your backyard pool area or outdoor lounge.

After an initial investment, solar lighting is a major money saver that drastically decreases monthly energy costs.

3. Paving Stones

Paving stones offer any home an upscale, classic look that will last for decades to come.

Along with a luxurious aesthetic, pavers provide a variety of different patterns, styles, colors, and other customizable options. Additionally, many manufacturers provide lifetime warranties on paving stones, offering the homeowner additional peace of mind that their investment is protected.

4. Pergola or Gazebo

Imagine a pergola or gazebo in your backyard, covered with vines and other beautiful plants intertwined with solar lighting that beautifully illuminate the space.

Both pergolas and gazebos are great options for homeowners looking to create a family-friendly and comfortable outdoor lounging area.

5. Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial grass is a growing trend in California, where rainwater is few and far between. Unlike other parts of the country, water is so scarce in parts of California that residents are routinely asked to water their lawns scarcely in order to protect resources. With artificial grass, homeowners can still have a beautiful lawn without sacrificing the health of the environment in the process.

Artificial grass or turf is low maintenance and after an initial investment can help lowers monthly energy costs.


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