How Green Remodeling is Also a Money-Saving Practice

Posted July 10, 2013 by Gabriel Posternak

Going green and green remodeling are terms typically designated to saving the planet, being kind to Mother Earth, and being environmentally friendly and conscious, as well. However, green remodeling has become so much more than just preserving the environment. People are beginning to realize that going green is akin to saving money, as well.

What better combination can you think of other than saving the planet and saving money at the same time? This is a win/win situation all the way around for both home and the environment.

While green remodeling may seem expensive from the onset, over time this will actually save home owners a substantial amount of money while conserving energy and preserving the planet’s natural resources.

There are many ways to save money with green remodeling.

Solar Panels - Solar panels utilize the earth’s most valuable resource – the sun. Installing solar panels will use the light energy from the sun to bring light into your home while keeping it warmer at the same time.

Recent studies have shown that the installation of solar panels also increases the value of your home. Resale values are typically showing that homes with the installation of solar panels will typically sell at higher prices than those that do not have solar panels.

Solar panels will save you money on your utility bills and increase value to your home for resale purposes. Those are two ways that green remodeling can save and make you money.

Green Remodeling Will Lower Your Utility Bills – By tightening up your home using energy efficient appliances, energy saving light bulbs, and water saving devices, you are essentially putting money right back into your pocket. While it may seem that you are spending more money from the outset, in the long run you will more than likely save hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.

Heating and Cooling Bills Will Reduce – If you take the initiative and utilize air sealing and spray-foam insulation for the walls and ceilings of your home, chances are you will be sealing up your home airtight and making it more energy efficient. You will be making your home more energy efficient and healthier for your entire family; however, you will be certain that cool air and heat will stay inside your home. This concept allows you to purchase energy efficient heating and cooling systems that are, perhaps, smaller in size and less expensive to heat and cool your home with.

Healthier Homes, Less Medical Bills – Green remodeling can also improve the indoor health of your home which is very important since the air we breathe inside our homes tends to be less healthy than the air outside. For example, low air quality can increase, or worsen, cases of allergies and asthma. Not to mention that toxic materials found in conventional remodeling materials, like paint, glue, varnishes, etc, can affect your health as well. A green remodel will make your home a healthier place to live in for you and your family, so you can avoid larger medical bills later on. While green remodeling may seem like a large undertaking at first, in the end, you will find yourself living and breathing healthier, helping the environment, and pocketing some of the return on your investment in a big way.

Posted July 10, 2013
by Gabriel Posternak.


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