The Future of Green Remodeling is Here to Stay

Posted February 27, 2014 by Gabriel Posternak

When did the movement of going green really begin? It is hard to say; however, with the awareness built up around the toxic effects of DDT and all the publicity it received, it was not long after that an awareness for going green began to snowball.

The future of green remodeling is here to stay as a result of the exposure of DDT and its harmful effects and the creation of the first Earth Day where millions of people showed up to protest and speak about the real dangers our environment faced.

From that point, going green was no longer just for a few individuals, but for the masses. Homeowners realized they could save money while saving the planet for their children and future grandchildren. Businesses recognized a way to satisfy a growing need and fill a void for consumers everywhere while earning recognition for their efforts at the same time.

The Benefits of Green Remodeling for Individuals

For individuals, going green with remodeling has an enormous impact on how they live and breathe, quite literally. Individuals living in an apartment or smaller home can opt for decorative solutions that are absolutely green and comfortable.

For example, when decorating, an individual can opt for materials that are environmentally friendly in many areas such as:

• Carpet tiles that use non-toxic dyes and toxin-free chemicals • Materials such as hemp, bamboo, and cork • Recycled wood • Recycled aluminum and steel • Non-toxic paint

These are just a few decorating ideas that individuals can use to remodeling an existing space.

The Benefits of Green Remodeling for Homeowners

One of the biggest benefits of going green in remodeling is a savings aspect. Once you are past the initial investment of going green, the savings are obvious. There are many ways to save money as a homeowner with green remodeling:

• Substantial decrease in electricity bills by going solar • Significant reduction in heating bills • High efficiency appliances and efficient plumbing save money

Of course, there are the benefits of saving the environment and having a clean and toxin-safe environment for your family, in addition.

The Benefits of Green Remodeling for Business Owners

Of course, just as individuals and family homeowners benefit financially, help the environment, and provide safety for their loved ones, business owners reap the benefits, as well.

Consumers need environmentally conscious green remodeling to assist them in these goals.

Therefore, it stands to reason that green remodeling is here to stay.

Posted February 27, 2014
by Gabriel Posternak.


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