Why a Green Home Improves Your Health

Posted March 23, 2014 by Gabriel Posternak

According to the National Center for Healthy Housing a green home will improve your health. This is great news for people interested in green homes because it can make it that much more feasible when it's not all about the building process, or the energy usage. To actually be able to improve your health and the health of your children vastly improves the return on investment required for green home building and remodeling.

• Better Ventilation -- A green home has better ventilation today than in the old days. When they first started trying to build more efficient homes they only thought about energy, not environmental or health concerns. Today, building standards have been revised to include having adequate and even superior air ventilation than standard builds. Better ventilation will keep the air cleaner, control moisture, and help avoid problems associated with bad air and mold spores.

• Fewer Indoor Chemicals Used -- Components like formaldehyde and other chemicals that are released from treated wood, carpets, glue and so forth can make the environment sicker. But, green building incorporates better procedures for aerating the materials as well as using materials without the traditional treatments. In addition, building a green home takes into consideration the outdoor use of chemicals as well. Improving the environment both inside and outside the home makes everyone feel better. Consideration is used on every aspect including playground equipment and more.

• Considers Care After Build -- Green home building to improve health at home takes into consideration all stages of a home from designing and planning to building all the way to maintaining the home. Issues such as how you'll need to clean, keep your green home pest free, and avoid contaminants will be included right in the planning and design process. Building green almost maintenance free homes can improve health in more than one way. Your mental health will improve if everything doesn't always have to be repaired.

A green home will offer residents a home that has less volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which will reduce eye irritation, nose and throat problems, headaches, and other illnesses that are associated with VOCs. The air quality is better, as is the water quality in a green home thus avoiding problems of chlorine toxicity which is associated with the higher incidence of lung problems and illnesses such as asthma , allergies and bronchitis . These are both important for improving health at home and green building offers it to you.

The direct impact on a resident's health include fewer colds, less lung problems, less skin issues and feeling more energetic and happier over all. Many people see improvements in asthma and other related illnesses when living in a green home enabling residents to improve health at home without costly doctor bills. Due to this, any additional costs seem trivial in comparison.

Posted March 23, 2014
by Gabriel Posternak.


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