5 paths to a gorgeous and useful garage

Posted April 13, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Garages don’t need to be a dirty and neglected part of the house. You can storage in style, create an arts studio or a recreational space with some remodel very easily. Start disposing the junk and prepare to increase the living space of your home with this great garage ideas.

exterior paint001
Liven up walls and treatments

With all the space clear, first you need to think about walls. If your garage is built as the rest of the house, maybe a paint job in the right color is all you need. But, let’s be realistic: most garages have half-finished walls and need a little more work. For natural brick walls, you can sand and apply a coat of primer to keep the vintage look, or just cover everything with wood or plaster panels for a quick upgrade.

Usually, these are windowless spaces, so make sure you pick bright colors and treatments with accents to avoid a cavernous feeling or the need for excessive artificial lighting.

Upgrade the flooring

The next thing neglected in most garages is the floor. For heavy and careless transit, you cannot choose a the same delicate flooring you use in the rest of your home. There are plenty of industrial flooring available, that can be applied to the existing floor -like rubber mats or epoxy coating- or build anew -like polished concrete-. A lot of those options can be coloured, so you can integrate with the rest of the design.

Organize storage

There are things that must go in the garage, but that doesn't mean they have to be visible or untidy. Take care of the garage storage in the same way you tend the rest of your home: with cabinets and neat shelves.

Get creative with that: buy used cabinets and furniture or repurpose old stuff you can salvage from family and friends. And install hangers for bikes, tools and bags to leave the floor free, that’s easier to clean and keep smart.


Create an indoor gardening area

Now in a very small space you can install an indoor farm to grow herbs and decorative saplings, to transplant to outdoor garden lately. Ask your electrician to install the correct wiring and outlets to feed the growers. You can also make a special area as a workshop, with a high table, a cabinet for tools and seeds, and shelves for books and related materials to avoid carrying the dirt of gardening to the interior.

Make a useful entrance

If you and your family -like most of us- come through the garage better that the front door, you can make there a “barrier” for untidiness there. Equip this mudroom with a coats hanger, a tray for umbrellas and rain boots, a water-trapper doormat to clean soles and even a shoe shining machine -that can be a lifesaver in the morning rush to work-.

shoes-933507_1280 This space is also great to keep the kids sport equipment, usually dirty as hell, with the right storage furniture or hangers. That can create a nice routine and you’ll avoid frowning over muddy footsteps all over the floor :D

With those pimping ideas you will have a nice looking, tidy space that can become everything you need: from an extra guest room for emergencies, to an atelier or a man cave, with still serving the purpose of storage tools and vehicles. You just need to regard the garage as part of your home, and a very useful one!

Got a garage-repurpose idea already? Tell us in the comments and we can help you make it real!

Featured photo credit: Dave Nakayama via Flickr

Posted April 13, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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