5 telling signs that you're sleeping in a creepy bedroom

Posted February 17, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Bedrooms are the most private and personal spaces of a home, but sometimes they are forgotten when planning a home improvement to favor more visible areas of the house. Though thinking that it's understandable, actually neglecting your bedroom is like beating yourself. The bedroom is yours, it's the place you should feel most comfortable with - it's your ultimate hideout. How is yours doing? We invite you to take a look to check if maybe, just maybe, your next remodel should aim at your bedroom. Look for these telling signs that definitely point there!

1 - Clutter in every corner

Don’t make the bedroom a landfill just because it’s out of sight. If you finally decide to declutter your home the bedroom is the place you should start with. “I always start with the bedroom. It’s my sanctuary.” says consultant Andrea Gerasimo from Third Mountain.

Clutter in the bedroom can prevent a good night’s sleep because brain keeps that image as the last you see before bedtime and the first when you wake up, so even if a remodel is out of sight you should clean the mess - and we're talking real soon.5029826084_e983ba407a_b

Photo credit: lisaclarke via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

As you go through your stuff, think about reducing your wardrobe or adding more closet space and relocating books or music to another -more appropriate- room, etc. If after the declutter the bedroom is still messy, maybe you should consider adding square footage with an addition.

2 - Decor that looks like it came out of the past century

Now with a more tidy environment, you will get a clearer picture of your bedroom's decor - and perhaps you'll end up screaming in horror. There can be many things that could be needing your attention.

First, look at the aspect of your walls’ finishing. Both paint jobs and wallpaper get worn very easily but we fail to notice it until is stained and ugly, so this upgrade should be the starting point of a new decor. Of course, remember what we've already said - don’t go bold with painting just because.


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Additionally, bedroom furniture is often neglected and old, so evaluate if a new polish can save it or you need to buy new. This will open the door to a total renovation of linen, drapes, mattress, pillows and upholstery that are the first things to decay by use in every house.

3 - Hidden windows

Bedroom windows can be hidden behind decorative drapes and totally neglected. Besides giving the impression of a dark cave-like space, this too can hide integrity problems like leaks, damaged caulk and poor insulation. So, open those drapes and check what's hiding under there!


Photo credit: joshwept via Visual Hunt / CC BY

If your window frames are OK, at least you should reglaze your bedroom windows with Low-E glass to improve the heating and cooling of your bedroom.

4 - Worn out floor 

Stained carpets, damaged wood boards and cracked floor tiles can give a very poor look to your bedroom. Your bedroom doesn't deserve a floor that seems to belong to a seedy bar. Most of the times carpets ask for replacement, but natural wood floors can be restored with sanding and varnishing.


Photo credit: garann via Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

Ask your contractor about your flooring options or think about using an area rug if the damage is small or if you are not ready yet to a floor replacement.

5 - Weird and/or inefficient lighting

There are fashion trends in lighting as they are in decor, so your bedroom fixtures are mostly sure out of date. New fixtures and light appliances take care of the light quality and the energy consumption, while creating ambience. Your old lighting system will be obsolete in the near future with the modern smart home systems, so you should make the upgrade as soon as your next remodel starts.


Photo credit: bachmont via Visual hunt / CC BY

While you hire an electrician to do the job, you should consider adding extra power outlets near the bed to plug phone/computer chargers, too.

You think that your bedroom is too small to deserve a remodel? Far from true! You still have some ways to maximize the space in a small bedroom so let’s begin a new bedroom remodel project that best suits your need


Posted February 17, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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