Posted January 15, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

6 Home remodeling trends to look for in 2016

Though it has just started, 2016 is already showing some of the trends home remodelers and decorators are expecting to conquer houses around the country in the following months. More spacious rooms, more light and an emphasis on personalization will be some of the hits of this year. Take a look!

Great bathroom spaces

Say goodbye to your tiny uncomfortable bathroom and say hello to the new spa like space. Floor to ceiling tile covering, big bathtubs, separate shower, natural light and eco materials. The new trendy bathrooms are the peaceful retreat to escape your agitated everyday life.


You don’t need a mansion because new designs can adapt to average homes, so ask your contractor for the best option for you.

Light in color and decoration

White on white is the color trend proposed by Benjamin Moore for 2016, in its multiple shades for walls and furniture. Fashion and design integrates with home remodeling and decoration so Pantone too has announced that Rose Quartz & Serenity are their picks for 2016. These two light shades are a great fit for wall painting and upholstery.

If you are more into bright colors, Behr surprises with these trends and matching palettes for the whole room to create interiors with impact and dimensionality.

Indoor and outdoor connectivity

Solid walls give place to large windows and doors. The exterior landscape integrates with interior spaces thanks to the new extra clear coated glasses. The idea is clear - integrate both your indoor and outdoor life almost seamlessly through a combined space.


Photo credit: Texas Custom Patios/CC BY

You can make rooms bigger creating a flow to decks or patios through French doors, perfect for entertaining.

Bigger kitchens

Larger storage space, huge counters with more appliances, cooking isles and tables are the trends that consolidates this year in kitchen upgrading and remodeling.


Now kitchens are rooms where people spend more time, so most remodelings have the objective of maximizing space and make them more comfortable, for both open and closed designs.

Pets as part of the family

More and more, pets are taken in consideration when thinking in home design. Now remodels include their special spaces, like dow showers, houses and beds, accessories storage and feeding stations. 2016 will be the year for them, as more products and design will take that into account and make the new trend bloom.


Photo credit: Samuel Cockman/CC BY

There are lots of options you can integrate when planning a home remodel even for interiors or exteriors, for cats, dogs of exotic pets.

Personalize and make it your own

There is no trend stronger than the ultra personalization of home spaces. Now lifestyles are not enough to determine the home design, so every remodel and upgrade is tied to the people living in this particular house.


Kitchens must be equipped for the type of meals the family prepares, living rooms and dining rooms according to entertainment fashion and even gyms are designed to serve the sport or training routine the family needs. Mass-produced items -like furniture or fixtures- must fit in highly personalized home environments.

So, when planning your home remodel follow this 6 trends for 2016 and get your house up to the latest fashion in design!

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