7 high-tech appliances coming to your home

Posted February 14, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Advanced technology has been part of our life -from cars to smartphones- for quite some time, but it wasn't until recently that a set of high-tech appliances is coming to our homes. The idea, of course, is to make our lives easier and more secure. From monitoring systems and smart locks to indoor farms, there's the future is bringing impressing things to our doorsteps. Let's check some of the standouts!


As we told you before, some small bluetooth-controlled music systems are part of the modern style bathroom trend. One of the most popular ones is the Aquatunes, developed by Philips and Grohe, two leading manufacturers of electronics and sanitary fittings.


Aquatunes allows you to play music right in the shower via Bluetooth on a wireless water-resistant speaker and it has a countertop induction charger, also water resistant.

Smart Vent

A new approach to home climatization comes with the Keen Home Smart Vents. These smart vents can replace existing standard vents and let you regulate room-by-room temperature independently, or even close the ones directed to unoccupied rooms.


They can be controlled by a smartphone connected to the most popular smart home devices like Nest, SmartThings and Lowe’s Iris. You can choose between two finishes: traditional white or a more organic wood paint.

Smart detection

The next generation of the old smoke detectors are small monitors that can identify a variety of substances in the air and send information to a smart app or set an alarm directly on your phone via a wifi connection.

Point tracks temperature, humidity and noise levels over time with an array of sensors and an innovative particle detector and can be connected to third-party smart home apps to centralize all your information.


Notion operates with almost all the same functions of Point plus it informs you of windows or doors left accidentally opened or water leaks, thanks to additional sensors that can be placed in critical zones of your house.


Both systems can be easy installed and configured, operate on standard batteries and need a wifi connection.

Amazon Echo

Created as our own personal J.A.R.V.I.S., the Amazon Echo is a home assistant that combines a speaker and seven 360º microphones that can play music from multiple services and devices while listens and answers voice commands and simple questions like the weather forecast, calendar or web searches.


It relies on Alexa engine and the Amazon services and it promises to “evolve” with usage, learning speaking patterns from owners to optimize answers. It plugs to a power outlet with a provided cable, connects via bluetooth and wifi, and is easily set with an Amazon account.

Indoor gardening

Missing the green thumb won’t prevent you from growing your herbs successfully at home, or even small vegetables!

Click & Grow is a small solution. You can purchase seeds in capsules from a wide variety, add water and plug the container. Easy as making a coffee some days later, you will have your plants ready thanks to a technology developed by NASA. The system can hold up to three different plants at the same time.


The bigger option was presented last January at Las Vegas CES by OPCOM and is called OpcomFarm Cube. This cabinet-size system can hold four shelves and be controlled and managed via a web app and can connect with a lot of other smart devices from the same company.

Smart locks

Now a smartphone can be the key to your house, and with these new smart locks you can manage access privileges for different persons separately, as well as log their activity like an advance security system. Ideal for rentals or to grant access to workers, dog walkers or domestic services while you are not at home and avoiding the risk of lending a physical key.

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt operates with a traditional key, a code entered in the keyboard or an Apple Iphone, Ipad or Ipod through Apple HomeKit™. You can assign up to 30 different lock codes.

The August Smart Lock works with proximity and can be managed with a proprietary app available for IOS and Android and Apple HomeKit™. It can also connect with an array of complementary security products from August.



There are things going on at home while you are away, and you might need some monitoring solutions. Petcube is a device equipped with a webcam, microphone and speakers to monitor and interact with your pets while you are not there. Uses your wifi connection and its app is compatible with IOS and Android.


For humans, you have Netatmo Welcome system. This camera connects with an app that records and isolate faces, that later can be identified as “friendly” and kept in a log. With this app you can stream video from your house at any time and set an alarm to your cell phone if the camera detects a “stranger”.


Are these appliances too much for you? Or are you eager to buy all of them and put them to work right away? In any case, think that growing basil, entertain a bored pup or sing in the shower can be a lot more easy than some years ago with some high-tech help :D

Posted February 14, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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