Bathroom Furniture: The Sustainable Options

Posted July 20, 2014 by Gabriel Posternak

One of the highest trending styles in home renovation and decorative pieces is eco-friendly options. These options come from sustainable sources, so they not only look great but are good for the environment as well.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability refers to the ability for the materials in question to grow or be made indefinitely without destruction of the crop or land. These products are considered eco-friendly because they can continuously produce and be used without destroying or completely using up the source.

Bamboo, for example, is a popular sustainable material because it regrows very quickly after being cut down. Cork and hemp based materials are also popular sustainable materials.

Sustainability can also refer to the use of recycled or salvaged materials. For example, some builders and contractors use recycled paper and cardboard for insulation materials. Using recycled or salvaged furniture or building materials is not only eco-friendly, but also give your home a very unique and impressive look.

How can I bring sustainable options into my bathroom?

Your bathroom renovation and décor scheme can fit right into your plan for sustainability just like the rest of your home. In fact, using sustainable options can really increase your ability to pull off a really impressive space.

The materials you use for the entire project will make a lot of difference for your sustainable bathroom plans. Sustainable materials can be used in virtually every surface of your bathroom. Your flooring, counter tops, walls, and any other surface you can think of are the perfect chance to utilize eco-friendly building materials.

Using recycled or salvaged materials in your bathroom can give your bathroom a very unique look, and can really make the space something special.

Bathroom Furniture

The fixtures and furniture in your bathroom are perhaps the best place to start when pulling together your sustainable bathroom. This is also where the most fun and creativity can come into play, and there is no limit to what you can put together.

Here are some great creative ideas for sustainable bathroom furniture:

Recycled Countertops

Using recycled concrete for your counter tops gives your bathroom a very unique look and is super durable. There are more options for using recycled concrete than you might think. Recycled concrete can give your space an industrial chic look, or it can be softer. You have the ability to change its look by the colors you choose, or by glossing or painting the surface.

Recycled wood also makes a great sustainable material for your bathroom furniture. You can use it for counter tops, shelves, or build your own furniture with it.

Restore Finds

The Habitat for Humanity Restore is a great place to find furniture, fixtures, and materials to restore or reuse in your bathroom. Vanities, doors, even toilets and tile can be found in one of these genius stores. You can find all of these and more for great prices, and best of all the money goes to a good cause.

Up-cycled Everything

Using antiques or salvaged finds and “up-cycling” them can give your bathroom a truly unique look. For example:

Re-purpose an old suitcase to be used as a medicine cabinet. Or, stuff the suitcase and attach legs to make a charming stool.

Use old cups, jars, wineglasses, or bowls for beautiful and thrifty hanging lights. Do it yourself pendant lighting directions can be found here.

There are endless ways to make your bathroom renovation or décor scheme sustainable. Your bathroom furniture gives you the chance to really show off your creativity. For more information about sustainable renovation and decoration ideas, visit our webpage 

Posted July 20, 2014
by Gabriel Posternak.


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