How to pick the right lighting for your home

Posted September 08, 2016 by Gabriel Posternak

Lights are far more than just a way for you to see your path to the bathroom at nights. They can help you set the tone of your rooms, build an atmosphere around the house and provide attraction points for people to fall in love with your home. Of course, you can only get all that if you put some thought into picking your home’s lighting. Want that? Then we’re here to help with these tips!

Living room

The living room is the space where you come to relax, cuddle or read a book, so a cozy feel is a must. Light-wise, that translates into sconces, lamps and pendants, all with warm bulbs. You have to create several layers of light that play with each other to maximum effect but also have several options to use according to the occasion – you want them all on when entertaining but only a couple when you’re watching Netflix.

Remember to leave space for some shade to provide a sense of depth and a bigger volume for the whole room (that’s key for a small living room!). Also, don’t miss the opportunity to highlight your living’s textures, such as brick walls or stones. Even more – put some lights near the floor for a more theatrical effect.

Dining room

Focused lighting is your biggest ally in a dining room, since it provides you with the light you need for an intimate dinner or do your taxes. Pendants are great for this, as long as you put it between 2 to 4 feet above your table. With this, you’ll be framing your table in light and ‘closing’ the space around it.


Though that should have you covered, you could use some extra lights (sconces or recessed lights can help you here). Also, you’ll need potency (no one likes to eat in the dark) but try to aim it in the right direction – don’t blind your family or guests!

Kitchen lights

You can go atmospheric with the kitchen lights but our suggestion is to keep it simple and functional. A central zenithal light (recessed or flashmounts) is truly the best alternative you can put your hands on. Obviously, you’ll need something extra to work on the countertops. For that, some cool LED lights under the cabinets  will work.

If you have an island, you could try with a pendant with warm light for a unique atmosphere you’ll enjoy while you eat or just sit there.


Bathroom lights

A couple of lights on your ceiling can really wrap things up for you in here but you have to ask yourself – don’t you want something more? Yes, you can use a main light in the center of the room but you have to add some sconces for the light to feel even.


Be careful with that when positioning lights near your mirror – because you have to light it up from the sides and not from the front. The only possibility you have when lighting the mirror is from above? That’s fine, as long as you put it less than 2 feet above it.


Finally, we get to the bedroom, the room where anything can happen, from a movie night to, you know, to playing games with the kids. As with the living room, you’ll need several lights to play off each other and give you options to pick the atmosphere you need according to the situation. Thus, you should have a central light in the ceiling, some sconces on the walls and a couple of lamps near your bed rest.


All of those lights will function together or individually, and you can combine them any way you want to have the perfect ambiance.

Don’t treat lights like an afterthought! They are incredible important to make your home feel like, well, your home! Remember that next time you remodel and if you don’t know what you’re doing, always ask for help!

Posted September 08, 2016
by Gabriel Posternak.


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